Easy and Quick Healthy Meal Recipes

Healthy Meal Recipes: Today, in this fast-paced life, healthy, quick and easy meals come off as a big use. Our day should start with good exercise. After one hour it should be followed by breakfast. This makes for healthy eating habits. A healthy breakfast is like fuel to the body and is the perfect way to kick-start the day. Breakfast which is breaking the night-long fast in the morning is a meal that is not to be missed. There are several benefits of a healthy and full breakfast. An ideal breakfast should contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals and should be nil or at least low in fat and cholesterol. A healthy breakfast is proven to help in more concentration and productivity all through the morning.


Breakfast is very essential, especially for children and adolescents. According to the American Dietetic Association says, kids following a healthy breakfast possess a better concentration, have better reasoning skills, and have better eye-hand coordination. A good breakfast also increases alertness, and creativity and are more active. A healthy breakfast should ideally comprise whole grains, fresh seasonal fruits and a low-fat protein diet or dairy products. This will fill you with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein and a necessary amount of fat, which will keep the hunger pangs at bay for a long.

Yogurt, muffins, cereals, vegetable pizza and a fruit juice or a milkshake can make for a great breakfast, however, there are options as well. Sweetener is better not added to fruit juices. You can opt for whole-grain rolls, bran muffins, and crackers. Skimmed milk is a great option. Cheese, hard-boiled eggs, sprouted pulses, or light sandwiches with lean meat slices or fish are also good breakfast options. At least one whole fruit is recommended with each breakfast.


Lunch forms an essential part of our diet and for the health freaks, there are these great recipes for healthy, quick and easy meals which will help them stay in shape the trendy way! Breakfast provides us energy for the morning part, but for the rest of the day, our body requires more fuel as all the energy gained at the time of breakfast has already been used up. For this reason, lunch forms an important part of our diet. But it is very important to eat the right foodstuffs for lunch only then it makes for a healthy eating habit. Lunch should be done at the right time, one should not have lunch at late hours. This only interferes with the normal working system of the body.

Here are some easy and quick healthy meal recipes for you:

The Cherry Tomato Couscous Recipe-This is a great option for the ones planning for weight loss. This is because, in this dish besides the nutritious vegetables, Couscous is used as an ingredient which is a whole grain. This whole-grain dish makes a perfect substitute for curries and rice and stews. The dish can be served singly or it can even be wrapped in pita bread.

Cajun Chicken Wrap Recipe– If you are fond of Cajun spices then your lunch is sure to become a hit. It makes for a great low-fat lunch and is yummy to taste. The Chicken breast used in this wrap is low in fat but at the same time high in protein and is a fulfilling meal.

Chicken, Baby Spinach and Brie Focaccia– If you are dreaming of losing weight then opt for this grilled skinless chicken dish that can serve the right purpose for you. However, if you do not like Brie, top it up with your favourite cheese.


If you are thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight, then we have up our sleeves some of the tastiest recipes for healthy, quick and easy meals that will surely lift your mood and make for a wonderful dinner. Dinner should not be very heavy and should be light on calories. Taking the right kind of dinner at the right time is a healthy eating habit and is crucial for sustaining the good health of the body.

These are some healthy dinner recipes that will make your dinner a healthy and tasty one:

Green Bean Caesar Salad– For this, the chicken is sprinkled with salt, sage, and pepper. Then the chicken is sauteed until it turns brown. Then the garlic cloves are boiled and after peeling arranged around the chicken and wine is poured over. After baking for 10 – 12 minutes with cover and again 8 – 10 minutes without cover, the pan juices are thickened over the flame and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then garlic sauce is spooned over it.

Baked Herbed Rice– Onion is sauteed in butter till golden. Rice is added and mixed well and then vegetables are added and baked for 25 minutes.

Lemon Carrots-Thinly sliced carrots are steamed till tender and tossed with parsley, lemon juice and grated lemon zest.

Oranges in Cinnamon Syrup– This is a great tasting refreshing dessert. Wine, sugar, cinnamon and water are mixed, boiled and then simmered. The peeled navel oranges are cut in 4 rounds. Then hot syrup and cinnamon sticks are poured over the oranges and refrigerated for 3 hours or more. Then all the ingredients are mixed and seasoned with pepper.

These recipes will make for a wonderful dinner. Not only are these recipes low calorie but are very high in nutrients to give you a perfectly healthy diet.

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