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History, Purpose And Theme Of World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day: As is correctly stated, “Your mouth is incredible! It enables you to eat, converse, and smile with assurance—to take pleasure in life.”

In many nations, oral diseases are a primary cause for concern because they have a negative impact on people’s health. Oral illnesses cause pain and discomfort, social isolation, and confidence loss, and they connect to other severe health problems. However, there is no need to suffer because the majority of oral health issues are treatable.

Every year on 20th March world oral health day is observed to bring people together to lessen the burden of oral diseases that affect people, health systems, and economies worldwide. The day’s main objective is to equip people with the knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to maintain good oral health. As a result, the day promotes maintaining good oral health and a high standard of living. It has an unhealthy mouth that hurt everyone’s general health as well as their emotional, social, mental, and physical health in general.

The FDI World Dental Federation sponsors and coordinates the annual World Oral Health Day. The day emphasizes the importance of good oral hygiene habits for adults and children. It also emphasizes how crucial good oral health is to maintaining overall health and well-being. It is observed with a theme each year and conveys a public health message to the general public.

Purpose of World Oral Health Day

Every year on March 20th, people around the world celebrate oral health. It emphasizes the advantages of good oral health, raises awareness of oral diseases, and encourages the upkeep of oral hygiene.

Through this campaign, people are urged to take specific steps to guard their general health and prevent oral disease. The stakeholders in educating and safeguarding patients from oral diseases are the oral health professionals, who are also the focus of this theme. Aiming to reduce the burden of oral diseases and incorporate oral health into other disease-related policies are policymakers.

On March 20 of each year, people all over the world celebrate good oral health. It highlights the benefits of having good oral health, increases awareness of oral diseases, and promotes maintaining good oral hygiene.

Through this campaign, individuals are exhorted to take particular actions to protect their overall health and ward off oral disease. The oral health professionals, who are also the topic of this theme, are the stakeholders in informing and protecting patients from oral diseases. Policymakers work to lessen the burden of oral diseases and integrate oral health into other disease-related policies.

History of World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day was first celebrated in 2007 by the FDI World Dental Federation. The day was first observed on September 12, the founder of FDI, Dr Charles Godon’s birthday. The date was moved to March 20th, 2013 to avoid a conflict with the FDI World Dental Congress, which was held in September. The date illustrates how significant the number 20 is for oral health. To be deemed healthy, seniors should have 20 natural teeth when they reach their senior years. Additionally, kids should have 20 baby teeth.

World Oral Health Day 2023 Theme & Aim

For another three years, the topic is “Be Proud of Your Mouth” (from 2021 to 2023). Or, to put it another way, respect it and appreciate it. By highlighting the value of good dental health for overall health and how it may increase your lifespan and keep you healthy for an excessively long time, campaigners hope to bring about change this year. And you ought to take action in response to it.

World Oral Health Day’s main goal is to inspire different investors to make commitments to promote excellent oral health at local, national, and global levels by raising awareness.

World Oral Health Day 2023 Celebration

Many people around the world are affected by oral illnesses, but they could be avoided by raising awareness, educating the populace, and disseminating accurate information. Additionally, this day is observed to promote awareness of and funding for the disease’s

Strategies for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. All National Dental Organizations, government and non-government organizations, and the media are urged to participate in initiatives to advance oral health on a global and local scale.

World Oral Health Day 2023: Crucial Messages

Early prevention, detection, and treatment of oral diseases are essential for reducing their impact on your overall health.

To lose weight, follow a balanced, low-sugar diet

Too much sugar intake causes tooth decay (dental caries), obesity, and diabetes by way of sweetened drinks, snacks, and processed foods.

Set up a strategy to enhance your dental health

Most cases of tooth decay are caused by sugar-rich diets and other related factors like smoking.

Follow a regular oral hygiene routine

For instance, gum disease and dental decay can negatively impact a person’s ability to collaborate and learn with others as well as their ability to form and maintain personal relationships and feel confident in themselves. However, oral illnesses can be avoided if a regular oral hygiene routine is practised.

Cover your mouth when you’re out and about

By neutralizing the acids in plaque, sugar-free gum has been shown to help maintain good oral health.

Become familiar with oral and gum care (especially for children)

It’s important to take care of your teeth because bacteria in your mouth and on them can lead to tooth decay and gaps in your teeth.

Regularly visiting the dentist

Oral disorders affect about 3.5 billion people worldwide and are frequently linked to more serious health issues. These conditions may result in significant suffering, social isolation, a decline in self-esteem, and time away from work or school.


Who organizes World Oral Health Day?

FDI World Dental Federation organizes World Oral Health Day.

When is World Oral Health Day celebrated?

World oral health day is celebrated on March 20 every year.

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