Intentional Living: How To Create A Purposeful Life

 Intentional Living: How To Create A Purposeful Life

Intentional Living: In recent time generation, competition is higher and growing day by day in every field such as education, jobs, dancing, singing, games, etc. which is harder to compete. As India is the first highest populated country which leads to an increase in competition, and fewer resources available, we have to sustain the resources for the upcoming generation too.

Why intentional living or an aim in our life is essential?

To survive in this rushy and busy life you have to earn something and for that, you should have an aim or goal to achieve so that you can give all the happiness and fulfill all the requirements of yourself and your family. For example, in government and private schools there are a lot of batches in one class with numerous students. Every passing year with students increases competition as they achieve higher education after schooling.

Some competitive exams are taken on the school level, graduation level, and post-graduation level or other qualification basis, but every year millions of students give exams but only thousands of students got selection and others remain jobless. That is why the aim or intention of living is important so that you can work more hard to achieve something big to fulfil all your requirements.       

Intentional Living Tips

There are so many things by which can lead to a purposeful life by setting an aim, and are as given below:

Set a goal and for that

you should know the field of interest in which you want to pursue a career. To achieve this goal we have to work hard and become a master in the field you want to pursue your career.

Prepare for the timetable

Prepare the timetable of your daily routine, of circadian rhythm, and strictly follow the rules.

Physical and mental health exercises

Daily exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. to reduce stress and stay fit or in shape. Staying fit by mind and body keeps you positive and calm in every situation. If you stay fit, it helps in achieving your goal easily.

Work hard and be consistent

Sometimes people do hard work and they didn’t get successful soon. For example in competitive exams millions of students give exams but some of them get selected and some students have to face rejection due to half or one mark. And, due to this some of them tried to commit suicide, so suicide is not the only option left, bring a positive vibe, find the mistakes that you have done last time and avoid these mistakes, talk to your parents or family who can calm your mind, work on yourself, start a new preparation mode, and work more hard than the last time, you will surely get success. So let go of your failure and be consistent, and work more hard to achieve your dreams.

Social connections empowering others and a group of friends

Join the knowledgeable groups of your friends who can guide you on the right path, not the ones who push you back in terms of jealousy. You can also empower or motivate others by giving speeches, in debates, etc., and by doing this you will gain confidence, and also it enhances your knowledge.

Find your goal, pros, and cons

Give yourself some time, find your pros and cons, and work on these. Your sleeping habits, waking timings, eating habits, speaking habits, how you use digital devices, etc. decide how much you care about your future and your goals. Follow the routine of 8 hours of sleep, healthy eating, organic food eating habits, speaking less but effectively, limiting the use of digital devices, using the digital devices for learning something new, for earning sources, etc., and other than that focus on your goal and work hard for this.

You cannot always start big

 take small steps towards your dream first, and then after some days follow the proper routine because your mind will adapt to the new thing gradually.

Follow the 21/90 rule

Be consistent because if you are doing something new, your mind will adapt in some time. Follow the 21/90 days rule. This rule states that in 21 days you need to be consistent in making a habit for the thing that you want to adapt and in 90 days you need to make that habit aa a permanent change in your lifestyle like your eating, sleeping habits, and other permanent things that we do in our biological clock cycle.

If you skip one day in your 21 days

please start from the new because if you skip a day, it will not make a habit at all. So be consistent.

Trust yourself in what you are doing

do not think about what society is saying or thinking about yourself. You just think about yourself and tell your parents do not need to be worried, and then just focus on your goals.

Do not wait for the opportunities

Don’t wait for the opportunities or for the perfect moment to come without doing any hard work. If you work hard, opportunities will automatically come to you.   

It is very important to have a dream so that you know in which direction you have to go, what to do for that, what to study, and what to not, otherwise, if you do not know your goal, you probably will get success but it will be too late. Like if you are studying by commerce side in 11th and 12th and then you take biology in graduation and want to pursue a career in arts, there is nothing wrong with it but it will take time in adapting yourself to that field. So, be purposeful in life, life is not so short to achieve all the goals you have in your life. 

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