Meditation: A Guide For The beginners

 Meditation: A Guide For The beginners

Meditation: We meditate in a way that helps us lower tension levels, learn about the pain, connect more easily, and increase our awareness. Let’s take a closer look at our mindfulness tips and techniques. Welcome to our Mindful guide to meditation. Continue reading as you discover how to make transforming practices a habit for a joyful life a daily experience.

What is Meditation?

Today we use the word meditation, but what is this meditation, no one pays attention to it. But from this word of meditation associated with every work of life, we can know that meditation is an indispensable part of life. Life is incomplete without meditation. Without meditation, we cannot be successful in any of our physical and spiritual goals. Only through meditation, we can lead a happy and peaceful life forever.

Meditation is inextricably linked with our lives. In our culture, meditation is a complement to every action. That is why even today, when elders of our house and family ask us to do some work duly, then the same sentence is everywhere – brother, read with focus, walk carefully, and do every task with a focus.

The 7 steps guide to start meditation

  1. Choose an isolated place- say, a quiet room – away from the hurly-burly of the world.
  2. Let it be clean, neat, and clutter-free.
  3. Decorate it with scented candles or a sprig of flowers.
  4. Relax your body.
  5. Take deep breaths and control your breathing.
  6. Empty your mind of all distractions.
  7. Now, concentrate on prayer, mantra or a poem. Repeat it slowly and meaningfully, building up an easy rhythm. Choose a poem that holds meaning for you.

Methods and tips for meditation

Having that concept, i.e. in the navel, brow centre or heart, etc., in the one goal form, the suffix unity-like flow of knowledge is meditation. Just like when a river enters the ocean, it becomes one with the ocean. Equal flow. Similarly, at the time of meditation, meditation is not to remember anything other than the Supreme God, but to become engrossed in the blissful, luminous and peaceful form of the same inner god.

Although it is a very large yogic process in itself, let us briefly throw light on some of the methods of meditation. So that the seekers can get some guidelines.

  • Pranayama Before Meditation
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Surrender Yourself
  • Chanting

Pranayama Before Meditation

  • Must do pranayama before meditating; Because through pranayama, the mind becomes completely calm and concentrated. Meditation can happen only through a calm mind.
  • By doing Kapalbhati and Anulom-Vilom Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing) methodically, the mind becomes impersonal, so meditation starts automatically. When the seeker does Kapalbhati for at least 3 minutes and anulom-vilom pranayama for 5 to 10 minutes, then the divine energy of Brahma embodied in his Muladhara chakra awakens and starts moving upwards, thereby purifying all the chakras and Nadis. The mind begins to settle in the Agya-chakra, in a divine lamp of light, in Omkar, the form of the supreme god. Even a very restless mind becomes concentrated through pranayama.

Focus and Concentration

  • While meditating, give paramount importance to meditation. At the time of meditation, do not give importance to any other thought, however auspicious it may be. God is the goal of contemplation, contemplation, and realization during meditation.
  • At the time of meditation, make the mind and the senses introverted and before meditation, it must also be thought in the mind that I am not the form of nature, wealth, opulence, land, building, son, grandson, wife etc. All these manifested beings are not my forms. I am beyond the bondage of all material and conscious external objects. This body is also not my form. I am devoid of words, touch, form, taste, smell etc. of the body, the senses and the objects of the senses. I am not the object of mind, lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego etc. I am a blissful, luminous,  peaceful, supremely blissful, transcendent, transcendental pure being. Just as a drop rises from the sea to the sky, then falls to the ground, through the flow of rivers, gets absorbed again into the ocean, the drop cannot remain except the ocean, I too want to be the drop of the almighty god of that bliss. The same creator gives us life, energy, speed, peace, happiness and all material opulence. It is God who has given us power, birth, age, body, intelligence, means of the body, family, parents, etc. The same GOD is giving me constant joy, peace and supreme happiness showering on me from all sides. I am always in GOD and GOD is always in me, only this sense of identity, identity and identity will give us the ultimate happiness. The Lord is showering his blissful rain. If we still do not experience that bliss, then it is our fault.

Surrender Yourself

  • Practitioner (Sadhak) should always remain in the spirit of discretion, and dispassion. Keeping oneself situated in the seer-witness, all auspicious work should be done with a non-attached feeling, considering it to be the service of the Lord. The ego of action and action without expectation of fruit is the active meditation of the Divine.
  • The idea of ​​external happiness and all the means of happiness are all forms of sorrow. As long as there is happiness and intelligence in the world, surrender to God will not be possible and without surrender, it is impossible to reach meditation and samadhi.


  • For meditation, it is best to use Omkar chanting in a meaningful way. The Lord has made the shape of all the organs like eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, ears, heart, chest etc. This body and the entire universe are like Omkar (Aum sound). Omkar is not a particular person or figure, but a divine power, which is running this entire universe. Just as the soul is not visible in this body, all the functions of the body are accomplished by the existence of the soul, similarly in this entire universe that Omkar-form, though not visible to these external eyes, still possesses his divine power. He is governing the entire universe. Along with Aum chanting, you can also chant other mantras and meditated on them in a meaningful way.
  • Chanting is done by concentrating the mind on the breath. All the senses are defective; because eyes see both good and bad. The ear hears bad and bad, the nose smells both odour and fragrance, the tongue speaks falsehood and truth, the taste consumes both good and bad, and there is no complete innocence in the mind in the form of bad thoughts and good thoughts etc. Prana is completely innocent and immutable. Therefore, for the realization of the immutable and innocent Brahman, we should do Udgeeth-worship with the soul by taking shelter in the innocent life. Whenever time is available, sit down and become a watcher, inhaling and exhaling at a long and subtle pace, meditating on mantras with each breath, while inhaling and exhaling, the movement of the breath should be so subtle that even one should be able to breathe. There is no feeling of sound and even if cotton is placed in front of the nostrils, then does not move. Try to do one breath and one exhalation in a minute. In this way also try to see the breath from within. Initially, the touch of the name will be felt only on the nostrils. Gradually you will be able to feel the deep touch of the breath as well.
  • In this way, by chanting Omkar consciously with the breath of the seer (witness) for some time, pride automatically starts. This is Sahaja Yoga and while meditating, the aspirant, becoming true to the form of Brahman in the form of Sachchidananda, attains the unique divine bliss of samadhi. Sadhak should sleep while meditating in this way even at the time of sleeping, by doing this sleep also becomes yogic and the whole life of the seeker starts becoming yogic.
  • In this way, every seeker must do chanting, meditation and worship for at least one hour every day. By doing this, in life, one can end all sorrows and realize the almighty god. It should always be remembered that the main goal of life is self-realization and god-realization, all other tasks and goals are secondary. If we have not started moving on the path of God-realization from now on in this life, then the sages of the Upanishads say, there is great destruction. That’s why yoga and meditation are necessities in our life.

Bring beauty and harmony into your life

We all long for our lives to be suffused with peace and compassion, love and friendship. Meditation is the ideal way to cultivate these emotions that bring about mental tranquillity. Meditation will help focus your energies on positive thoughts and inspire you to share your love and kindness.

Allow yourself to drift away. You will soon start feeling an immense inner peace suffuse your body, mind, and spirit

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