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Precautions for Low Back Pain

Precautions for Low Back Pain: Certain activities of daily can be modified to that will help patients with chronic back aches. These precautions can also be used by healthy individuals to avoid back problems.

17 tips you should follow to cure your low back pain

We are giving a list of 17 activities, which you must follow to avoid low back pain. Also, these activities will help you in precaution of your low back pain too.

  1. Do not sit with your knee higher than your hips.
  2. Do not reach out for anything.
  3. Do not lift the weight above the head.
  4. Do not move furniture by pulling and pushing.
  5. Do not maintain any one position for an extended amount of time.
  6. Sleep on a firm mattress; take a hard mattress to bed to support your spine
  7. Sleep with hips and knees bent on your side with a pillow between the legs.
  8. While driving a car the seat should be as close to the steering as possible so that knees are fixed maximally.
  9. While driving put a small pillow behind your back so that you are sitting forward in your seat.
  10. Move to the front of the chair and then stand up to prevent back arching.
  11. Whenever possible do take support while getting up.
  12. Never lift anything heavy when the back is painful.
  13. Never lift anything heavier than 50 pounds or 12-15 kgs for 6 months after the back ache has stopped.
  14. Never bend over or lift anything off the ground with your knees straight.
  15. Avoid using stairs and driving as far as possible in the early treatment period.
  16. Lose weight wherever indicated.
  17. Avoid sitting with your legs straight out.

Hope you start following these tips to stay fit and avoid back pain.

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