Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Fitness Freaks

 Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Fitness Freaks

Here are the best ideas for Christmas Gifts for Fitness Freaks. It’s that time of year again when potential Christmas present ideas start crossing your mind. Some people are notoriously difficult to buy for but if your partner, family or friends happen to be fitness freaks then you are in luck. We have hand-picked 5 perfect presents for sports enthusiasts.

1- MP3/MP4 Player

Lots of people love to listen to music when training, especially during one of those long cardio sessions. Now the devices are being built from the outset to be fully compatible with the running app so tracking every workout is simple. Bluetooth heart rate monitors and step counters can be synced to ensure even more information is logged. There are many fitness apps out there that do a good job.

Perfect for: Everyone

2 – Water Carriers

Keeping hydrated when exercising is essential and there is a wide range of products on the market that fill the gap. One of our favourites is the Amphipod Runlite Belt as it’s unassuming but holds a lot of water – very useful for long-distance runners and people who do mammoth training sessions. A similar concept is the Camelbak which is worn like a backpack and holds up to 3L of water. The Camelbak in particular is very well suited to those into cycling, hiking and running.

Perfect for: Runners, cyclists, hikers or anybody that doesn’t need to use their hands

3 – A Massage

A massage is one of the best ways to relax and recharge after a workout, especially in the winter months when the cold weather can have an impact on your tired muscles. A good massage will help to alleviate tightness and knots which will result in a better workout the next day. Paying for a massage is a great Christmas present. Most gyms and health clubs will offer massages and you are likely to get a better deal if you purchase a set amount.

Perfect for: people who train regularly

4 – Sports Equipment & Accessories

Every fitness regime needs a certain level of equipment to be successful. In some cases, it might just be a pair of trainers but the costs can add up. Fitness gear is needed all year round so it really is the gift that keeps giving. If you’re not sure about sizes or styles of clothing then try to grab a sneak peek at the gear they already use. Alternatively, if you know how the person likes to exercise you can buy equipment such as weights, and sports bags or even splash out on something like a treadmill.
In this situation, it’s often a good idea to do some careful research to find out if there’s anything in particular that’s required.

Perfect for: Everyone

5 – Sports Supplements

In the last few years, the use of sports supplements such as fat burners and whey protein has become very popular. Companies are investing millions of pounds into developing products that do everything from helping to burn fat to building muscle mass to shortening recovery times after a workout. Many fitness enthusiasts now use these supplements to keep themselves healthy and improve their performance. People often have their own favourite brands and the sheer volume of products on the market could get overwhelming so it is worth doing some research beforehand.

Perfect for: Weightlifters, Bodybuilders

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