Winter Immunity Foods: 5 Foods To Strengthen Your Immunity

 Winter Immunity Foods: 5 Foods To Strengthen Your Immunity

Winter Immunity Foods: As winter is in full swing, and we are making the most of it. It’s crucial to stay healthy and warm in cold weather both inside and outside. So food plays an equally important role as warm soups, broths and winter gear. There are some seasonal foods are eaten during the winter because of their nutritional value and internal warming properties. These can differ from one part of the country to another, but there are many choices available everywhere. We will discuss the best foods to eat to stay warm and healthy throughout the winter in this article.

5 foods that strengthen immunity in winter

Here is a quick list of 5 foods that traditionally help ward off winter infections and keep our immunity up.

  1. Millet
  2. Jaggery and Ghee
  3. Horse gram
  4. Butter
  5. Sesame

1. Millet (Bajra)

Millet has long been a staple of Indian cuisine, particularly in places like Rajasthan and Haryana. It can be found in dishes like millet bread and khichdi. In addition to having warming effects, it is high in fibre and minerals and prevents joint pain. It tastes the finest when paired with butter or ghee.

A delicious addition to your wintertime menu might be Bajra (millet) roti with butter.

2. Jaggery and Ghee

Jaggery is known as a winter superfood that boosts immunity while also keeping you warm. You can combine the jaggery with ghee which is a perfect pair. You can cook or use it with millet bread or cornbread and consume it as chikki. Mixing ghee and jaggery helps clear the sinuses and avoid cold.

3. Kulith (Horse Gram)

The local name for horse gram is Kurthi or Kulthi. A powerful pulse or dal, horse gram is widely found in southern India. A pulse that shields against kidney stones and improves the hydration and nutrition of the skin and scalp in the winter. In the winter, eat pulses with rice and ghee.

Must eat horst gram in winter, if you can.

4. Butter

The list of foods for winter immunity also includes white butter or plain butter. The butter will enable easy digestion and better absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, claims the expert nutritionist.

5. Sesame

Warm materials like sesame can be especially useful in the cold. You can add it to your gravy as a garnish or eat it with Chikki or Revdi. Sesame benefits the bones, skin, and eyes.

Therefore, bolster your winter immunity and stave off illness with this list of healthy foods!

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