4 Good Reasons to Relax

 4 Good Reasons to Relax

Relaxation should be a vital part of our lives as it helps keep stress levels down, but in today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demanding job environment, it’s often something that is considered a waste of time. Relaxation can actually improve your health and if you ignore the benefits you may regret it.

Stress raises your blood pressure

Chronic stress can cause a dramatic raise in your blood pressure and cause hypertension, a major risk factor in a number of serious medical illnesses including potentially fatal strokes and heart attacks. An increase in blood pressure can be reversed by relaxing and controlling stress levels and since so often work is a contributing factor it is always advised that you relax and unwind with some gentle physical activity at the end of the day.

Relax and stop your brain from shrinking

Stress can actually cause your brain to shrink and affect your memory. Researchers at Yale University discovered that stress causes the brain to lose volume due to less oxygen reaching the cells when under pressure. This can lead to a cognitive impairment such as short-term memory loss.

If you are in an office environment all day and cannot escape for a break take some time to play a few games at a site A short mental escape from your office environment can do wonders for reducing stress.

Boost your immune system

Stress plays havoc with your immune system causing you to be more prone to attracting illness, especially colds and flu. Scientists have proven that the human immune system reduces its cortisol levels when stressed, thus making it easier for infectious viruses to take hold.

In addition to colds and flu illnesses and disorders such as IBS, psoriasis, diabetes, asthma, and migraines are also linked to stress, so taking some time out to avoid these ailments is vitally important.

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Stress can cause obesity

When under extreme stress your diet is often the first thing to suffer. Limited free time means that you rely on unhealthy take always that are high in fat and low in nutrients.

Comfort food that is calorific or high in sugar replaces healthy eating and obesity can become a major issue if you remain stressed for any lengthy duration of time. Obesity can lead to life-threatening illnesses and permanent organ damage so relaxation is vital in avoiding this.

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