4 Secrets To An Infectious Smile

 4 Secrets To An Infectious Smile

Did you know that having a healthy and powerful smile is a strong way to win friends and influence people? It sends a signal that you are confident, approachable, and have good self-esteem.

A good smile is helped by natural genetics. An attractive mouth and smile is made up of aligned teeth, healthy gums, upper lip length, the whole lip shape, and the way the lips move when in conversation.

For those of you who are afraid to show off this natural asset here is the way to break the psychological boundary, and focus on what makes a smile truly infectious:

Show some gum

Ever heard the phrase ‘stiff upper lip’? There is a reason for it. Ideally, pink and healthy gums are a sign of healthy living and oral hygiene. The amount of gum showing tells people that you are healthy, trustworthy, have confidence, and can communicate with them.

When people see you smile they subconsciously check out the amount of gum you have on the show and the quantity versus quality of gum showing. You can try showing some more gum when you next get the chance to interact with someone – they will likely trust you as a person, and like you more for it.

Smile as broadly as possible

The effect of a broad smile cannot be underestimated. The broader the smile, the better the impact. A great big smile is developed by the width of the upper arch, you should be able to see the person’s upper teeth (pre-molars) on each side of the mouth (buccal corridors).

Americans and Africans have a naturally broad smiles because of the way their skeletons have been formulated. Some people have a collapsed smile. However, making the most of the broadness of the smile is a step in making someone feel welcome and interested in what you have to say and serves to build bonds.

Flash those upper incisors

Make the four larger incisors in the middle of the mouth the focal point of the smile. A greater amount of incisors is socially related to youth whilst as we get older fewer of these teeth are visible. Men tend to show less of their incisors whereas women flash them more as a sign of attraction and for mating. Getting teeth straightened or aligned means that more of the incisors will be seen when a person smiles.

Good oral hygiene

Lips and teeth, just like general health, need attention from youth to the time when we are in our old age. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day in order to keep teeth in good condition. It’s best to invest in a good toothbrush, toothpaste which now comes in a variety of flavors and features. It’s wise for you to book in appointments with a dentist and a nutritionist twice a year so that any defects can be rectified sooner rather than later.

Brushing after meals at lunch can also help to keep the breath smelling sweet. Your soft lips benefit from being regularly moisturized too. For those of us who are women, a lick of lipstick can add a lovely gloss of shine and signal good grooming in life and in business.

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