5 Tips for the Gym

 5 Tips for the Gym

Going to the gym is hard enough without having to deal with inconsiderate people. Over the years I’ve built up a list of five things that I see other people doing in the gym that either annoys me or worries me.

Tips for the Gym

So without further ado here are five tips that will make the gym better for you, and everyone else.

Keep it Down

Anyone who has been going to the gym for a reasonable amount of time is likely to have come across at least one person who insists on making as much noise as they can. A certain degree of grunting and encouragement is to be expected because, after all, you are working hard.

But the people who sound like some sort of heavy machinery only end up annoying everybody around them. So if you’re going to the gym try to keep your noise levels down to a minimum because you’re not the only person in there – although you might be if you carry on like that.

Leave Your Pride Outside

It is really common to see people new to the gym letting their pride get in the way of a safe and effective workout. Not only will they often try to lift weights that are too heavy for them but they will also endanger themselves with their bad technique. So if you’re just starting out, or if you’re just not able, don’t push yourself harder than you can because you don’t want people to think you’re ‘weak’.

Work at a safe level at all times; I’ve learned this the hard way because I used to work out with a terrible technique just because I wanted to lift the same as my friend – I ended up injuring my back which kept me out of action for weeks.

Manners Matter

Gyms can become social hubs especially if you are regular but your trips to the gym can easily become awkward if you don’t show some common courtesy. For example, if you’ve just used the bench you shouldn’t just walk off once you’ve finished, get a cloth and disinfectant (they’re normally provided) and give it a quick wipe down.

Don’t hog the machines; if you notice someone else hovering nearby ask if they want to use it during your rest periods; and so on. Little things like that can prevent people from hating you and will make the gym more pleasant for all.

Get Organised

One of the most important parts of a successful fitness regime is undoubtedly organization. The temptation to skip the odd session here and there because, you have to go to an event at work or, it’s your mum’s birthday can be huge. But if you are not consistent with your commitment then you won’t find the results come as quickly as they otherwise would.

It is also important to keep a record of your achievements from session to session so you can monitor your improvements. Personally, I find a simple chart is the best way to keep track of what I’ve done on every visit to the gym.


Odds are, whatever your aims, nutrition is going to prove important during your time at the gym. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle it is important to eat correctly to see the kind of results you’re looking for. For example, people who are looking to build muscle will obviously want to look at lean protein.

While people who want to lose weight tend to consume various ‘shakes etc. Whatever you’re looking to do make sure you research it properly before doing it to ensure it not only works but is safe as well.

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