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5 Ways a Stay-at-Home Dad Can Keep in Shape

Being a stay-at-home dad can give you a great deal of time to get some things done around the house and spend more time with the kids. However, staying at home can also lead to temptations of lounging on the couch all day watching TV or playing games non-stop on your computer.

Depending on the nature of why you are a stay-at-home dad in the first place, there are many things you can do to keep yourself in shape and stave off the inflated spare tire that can easily form around your midsection.

1. House-work

If you have children, housework and cleaning are a constant way of life. The simple activity of keeping the house clean can keep the body moving enough to stave off those extra pounds. Although any healthy activity requires the consumption of healthier foods, cleaning various areas of the house can exercise most of your muscles. A vigorous cleaning of 20 minutes per day can work up a sweat and help keep you from gaining those extra pounds that seem to form without warning.

2. Yard-work

Another activity that can keep your blood flowing is yard work. Landscaping and maintenance can be quite grueling, but more rewarding than you may realize. By spending 20 minutes per day maintaining your yard, you can help burn those calories from the snacks you munch on throughout the day. Planting and weeding a garden, trimming the bushes, pruning the trees, and even repairing the fence can help keep you moving which is better than melting into your sofa watching television all day.

3. Exercise Routines

Obviously, having a regular exercise routine is going to be beneficial to your body. Of course, caring for children is nearly an exercise routine of its own. Between the cooking and the cleaning for a family, you might not have much time to have a regular exercise plan in play anyway. However, having an idea of calisthenics on days when the child’s workload is minimal could help keep your body in shape.

4. Improvement Projects

If you are concerned about money, some home improvement projects don’t cost as much as you may think. Replacing drywall, patching holes your child accidentally put into the wall, and more can cost you less than $100 to implement. Build those in-wall shelves you saw online that you fell in love with in the living room. Cultivate a living wall to help improve the mindset of the family. Find a small-to-moderate task you can handle that can be accomplished in order to improve your home.

5. Snacks

It’s easy to snack on various foods throughout the day while waiting for the children to come home from school. If you are a snacker, pick snacks that won’t be too detrimental to your health while satisfying your cravings. String cheese, fruits, vegetable juices, flavored waters, and more can make a big difference in how your body will react to less movement while staying at home. It’s all about a healthier mindset.

It’s really easy to succumb to the relaxation of being home alone until the kids get home from school. During the summer, you can involve yourself with your kids in activities such as picnics, fishing, and other outdoor diversions. However, it can become addicting to find your favorite chair watching your favorite show on a regular basis. Keep the body moving if you want to remain in shape.

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