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8 Ways to Treat Eye Strain

Eye strain occurs when a muscle of the eye is strained or injured. The eyes have 6 extra-ocular muscles which govern their movement and a ciliary body that surrounds its lens. When any of these muscles acquire some sort of injury, this can lead to eye strain.

Most often, eye strain results from ciliary body fatigue, although it can arise from so many other causes. This part of the eye is responsible for changing the shape of the lens of the eye so that it is able to focus better on what it is seeing. If focusing ends up too long, fatigue can occur and eye strain can set in.

There are various signs and symptoms associated with eye strain but diagnosing it should not be a problem. And although there are medical treatments designed for their cure, there are a number of simple remedies that you can do right now that offers quick relief from a bout of eye strain.

1. Sleep

Sleeping is the best way to rest and relax the eyes. If this is something that is not practical for you, at least closing your eyes and resting them for at least 5 minutes can already do wonders.

2. Dim bright lights and harsh colors

Lower the light levels in your surroundings. If possible, turn off additional lighting. Also, be in a place with neutral or pastel colors. If you are a chronic eye strain sufferer, you might want to avoid wearing excessively bright colors.

3. Coldwater

Splash some cold water on your face. If you can stand it, add some ice cubes to the water. Do this for about 3 to 7 minutes. Put some on the back of your neck. When you are resting your eyes, place a clean towel dampened with cold water over it. You can also use an eye mask that was previously chilled in the refrigerator or freezer.

4. Steaming towel

If cold water will not work, go with the opposite and use a clean towel that you dampened with warm water. Add eucalyptus or menthol to make it a little more refreshing.

5. Cucumber slices and tea bags

Those beauty tips that tell you to put cucumber slices or tea bags over your closed eyelids can help in soothing eye strain. However, you might find that a cold compress is so much more effective.

6. Proper hydration

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sweetened and caffeinated drinks will help in eye strain relief. A lack of fluid in your body can strain your eyes and even have a negative effect on your entire system.

7. Eye lubrication

While proper hydration can already help in ensuring that your eyes are properly lubricated and moisturized, it would be better if you provide temporary help and use artificial tears but not eye drops. However, if this is a chronic problem for you, it would be best if you first consult your eye doctor before you start using artificial lubrication.

8. Not to sleep with contacts

There are actually contact lenses that you can sleep in but you should not do so. Prolonged use of contact lenses can dry your eyes out and provide more stress to your eyes.

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