Belly Fat: Ab Exercises – Effective To Lose Belly?

 Belly Fat: Ab Exercises – Effective To Lose Belly?

Question: Do the exercises for abdominal muscles will help me lose belly fat on my stomach?

Answer: I have talked about this in other articles, but you have to repeat it all the time. Abdominal exercises will not necessarily help get rid of fat on the belly.

You can not target body parts with specific exercises to lose weight at these locations. The fat is reduced throughout the body simultaneously. These are the genes that determine which body part you lose fat faster.

Here are some tips to lose belly fat more efficiently.

Regular cardiovascular exercise

Beginners can start with 2-3 sessions per week up to 30 minutes each time. You will probably not be able to do 30 minutes the first time, increase the load each week, and progress. For the more advanced, we can do it more often. Even 6 times a week, go harder.

Weights for the whole body on non-consecutive days. If you are a woman, you probably think that bodybuilding and strength training does not appeal to you, but taking a few pounds of muscle will greatly facilitate weight loss, helps to keep fit, and have plain energy.

Healthy nutrition

  • This is the most important part of the program. To get started you need:
  • Keep a food diary of everything you eat and drink during the day.
  • Do not eat more than three thousand calories a day.
  • Begin to change their eating habits, one by one, for healthier choices (fruits and vegetables will satisfy the appetite for longer and nourish the body with nutrients and fiber).
  • Keep portion control.
  • Make small changes instead of regular changes to everything at once.
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Small note: Even if you lose weight, you can not control where you lose. The body decides the place where you lose the fat first. All we can control is to lose belly: what you eat and when you eat, how often you exercise and the rest happens automatically.

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