Benefits of Meditation: How Meditation Changed My Life

 Benefits of Meditation: How Meditation Changed My Life

Benefits of Meditation: How meditation changed my life –  Are you seeking a way to develop peace amidst the stresses of life? Do you wish to handle the sting of rejection more effectively? Meditation can help you to embrace all that life has to offer if you are willing to sit consistently. The practice in and of itself is no cure-all: simply sitting and observing does not stop difficult situations from arising in your life. What meditation provides you with is a vehicle for acceptance.

Instead of resisting feelings and circumstances, which prolong your suffering, meditating persistently helps you to face, embrace and release whatever you encounter in life. By embracing and releasing any feeling or situation you can effectively navigate through the inevitable peaks and valleys which you experience in life. Meditation changed my life in a big way. I was prone to bouts of depression, had serious anger issues and had poor self-esteem.

By calmly sitting for an extended period each day I noted an immediate change in my being. I was more at peace with whatever transpired in my life. I became less angry and able to laugh off instances which would have caused me to move into a fit of rage in the past. I also improved my self-esteem, by branching out and starting a collection of blogs and online businesses.

Understand the Idea behind Meditation

Sitting and observing your thoughts is no magical thing. In truth, some meditation sessions are boring, others might be terrifying, and after sitting for some periods, you might be in ecstasy. Meditating is simply accepting all which flows your way. It’s a state of observation, of watching, of non-resistance. It is not a cure or elixir, it’s simply observing what is without adding ego commentary.

Some make the grave error of expecting to be at peace after days, weeks, or even months of meditation. The exact opposite situation usually passes, with all types of deep fears, worries, anxieties and mental chaos arising after you sit for a period of weeks or months. Why? This is stuff you buried, and meditation simply helps you observe these lower energies, and believe me, until you observe these buried energies you can’t be free of them. You can’t get over something that is still in you.

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The Secret to Peace

The secret to inner peace is riding out these sessions. The secret to happiness is to release your blocks to happiness. The secret to relieving your anger is to release your deep anger. These sessions might feel hellish, and you might feel despair, but these feelings, as meditation teaches you, arise and pass.

This is the great secret few discover. I of course am in the process of discovering it, and most beings who aren’t enlightened are discovering it too. You need to stick around for it all. The good, the bad, and the in-between. But on the other side of these experiences, you learn non-resistance, which is one of the great lessons that meditation teaches you.

Why Meditate?

I learned that my worst fears need to arise. I need to observe and embrace these fears until I can release them. Some of my worst fears did arise after meditating for prolonged sessions. This caused me to make the mistake of shying away from sitting for long periods of time after experiencing situations including severe financial troubles where I was literally living off credit cards. I felt the ego sting of suffering or embarrassment. I didn’t like it, but of course, meditation taught me the lesson of lessons: once you release your fears, you can replace these energies with faith in your abilities.

I naturally made more money after going through these difficult financial situations because I released some serious blocks to money after being forced to face the terror that comes from not having money and not knowing when it will flow into your life again. I also learned how to embrace my deepest fears while interacting with individuals in terribly uncomfortable situations. I have my sitting sessions to thank for these wonderfully enriching experiences, which my ego might have called “suffering.”

Start Today

Start meditating today. Anybody can begin sitting and observing your breathing for extended periods of time. Watch where your attention goes: embrace the joys, the fears and everything in between. Become non-resistant and sit persistently to embrace life and all that it has to offer you.

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