Big Reasons Why Some People Are Scared Of The Dentist

 Big Reasons Why Some People Are Scared Of The Dentist

Do you ever wonder why other people are the complete opposite of you? You think everything you do and say is normal, so how can something else act the complete opposite? You might enjoy going to the dentist because when you leave you know your teeth are going to be healthier. Other people hate the dentist more than anything else in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the very thought of sitting in the dentist‘s chair sends shivers down some people’s spines.

They hate the cost

You might earn a lot of money, so when you need to pay the dentist it’s a drop in the ocean. You don’t even notice that it’s gone, but for some people, it will leave them without any money. They can either have their tooth fixed or they can feed their children for a week. When you don’t have a decent wage coming in it’s very hard to pay any unexpected costs that crop up and some people do without.

People can’t stand the equipment

Lots of people faint when they see a needle and there is no way they would allow a dentist to stick one in their mouth. The dentist might slip and stick the needle in their tongue. That would never happen but try convincing someone with a fear of needles. You then have other people who hate the drill, or they can’t stand having their teeth ripped out with dental pliers.

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The sounds and smells

When the dentist is drilling through your tooth you might have noticed that it sounds pretty intense. A lot of people don’t like this because the sound of the crushed tooth makes them feel uneasy and sick. Then you have to put up with the horrible smells. I’m sure you’ll agree that you would rather smell a nice bunch of flowers instead of bloody spit mixed in with mint mouthwash.

It’s very invasive

It’s normal for people to love their own space and when someone intrudes on it they might panic. Has someone ever tried to annoy you by holding their finger a few inches away from your eyeball? Someone sticking their hands inside your mouth is even more invasive. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why it would make someone feel uncomfortable to the point where they will stay away.

Anxiety is crippling

If you have anxiety you can’t do a lot of things. In fact, you try to stay away from anything that makes you feel anxious because you can’t bear to deal with the mental pain. Some people might not think they’re afraid of the dentist, but whenever they get near the chair they will suddenly need to escape because they think they’re about to die. In the end, they just stop going.

Nobody likes pain

UFC fighters might love getting punched in the face, but normal people with a low pain tolerance don’t want to put themselves through something that will cause them pain. These days it’s easy for the dentist to administer a local anesthetic so they won’t feel pain apart from right at the beginning when they get a needle stuck in their mouth.

A horrible experience

If something bad happens to you when you’re young you could end up with a debilitating fear. A good example of this would be a child getting thrown into a swimming pool when they can’t swim. That child might grow up with a fear of drowning and they won’t go near water. If someone had a bad experience at the dentist when they were younger it’s possible that they’re still scared to this day.

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