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Desserts Food: Sweet Dishes With The Right Health Quotient

Desserts Food: Health and dessert are the two words that do not go together. The reason is that dessert is considered to be laden with high-fat content calories and sugar. But you might be surprised to know that there are numerous delicious desserts that are healthy and calorie-free as well.

Healthy Desserts Food Recipes

Mentioned below is a list of some dessert recipes that will keep you in tip-top shape without compromising your health.

1. Fruit kabobs with low-fat cream dip

There’s nothing healthier than fresh fruits. And when it comes to satisfying your craving for desserts, fruit dessert is the best way to resist the temptation without unwanted calorie intake. Include a lot of fruits in your fruit kabob dessert. Slice strawberries, apples, kiwis, pineapples and mangoes into bite-size pieces. Put these pieces onto kabob skewers. The rich color of these fruits will entice everyone who will see the dessert. Now prepare a low-fat cream dip and top the fruits for a richer taste.

2. Frozen banana bites

Bananas have countless health benefits. It reduces depression, prevents anaemia, improves eyesight, strengthens bones, maintains blood pressure and relieves stress, among many others. For these reasons, you will love to serve your family this delicious frozen treat. This sweet dessert is extremely popular all across the world for its delightful flavor. Simply cut the banana into small pieces and cover it with regular peanut butter. After that, roll the banana pieces in crushed nuts and put them into the freezer for an hour or two.

3. Baked apples

Baked apples are again a healthy sweet dish. To make this healthy and tasty dessert, simply slice an apple into two and sprinkle some cinnamon, brown sugar and granola over it. Then bake it for about 10-15 minutes. And, your healthy baked apples will be ready to serve.

4. Dark chocolate-dipped fruit

Resisting this dark chocolate-dipped fruit dessert is next to impossible for most people. Many think that chocolate is bad for health. However, contrary to earlier misconceptions now it is proven that cocoa has numerous health benefits. It helps protect our cardiovascular system, boosts the flexibility of blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Apart from that, it contains some helpful ingredients that are good for our overall health. With ingredients like dark chocolate and fruits of your choice, you can prepare this healthy dessert to satisfy your craving in a natural way.

5. Frozen yogurt pops

Yogurt is protein-packed food on its own. But sometimes it gets a little boring to eat it without any additions. However, this versatile food can be used in a variety of ways to add delightful flavor to different delicacies. From fruity frozen pops to creamy cakes, you will be surprised to know how versatile this protein-packed food can be. Simply swap the flavored yogurt with the fruits of your choice and let it freeze. Once it is done, go ahead and indulge in this healthy sweet summer treat.

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