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11 Health Benefits of Banana You May Not Know

The banana basically grows in the Tropics. Practically every part of the banana tree is used by man. The leaves grow up to 3 metres long and 1 metre wide. This is one fruit, which is so well preserved by nature that it can be readily eaten. It can safely be eaten by one and all from a baby of 9 months to an old person of 70.

Bananas are said to be rich in vitamins A and B as well as many other nutrients like minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. A single banana consists of 100 calories, 5 per cent fat, 7 per cent calcium, 1.4 mg iron, 8 per cent protein, 8.2 per cent carbohydrates, and .01 per cent phosphorous. Consumption of the banana adds strength to the body.

It is easy to carry and is economical too. ‘Kadali’ is the Sanskrit term for a banana. There are many references to it in Sanskrit Literature. On any auspicious occasion or ritual, the banana or its leaves are used. Ascetics find this a wholesome fruit. No wonder, this fruit is mentioned in all traditional literature in India.

Banana – a cure for many health problems

A nourishing combination of bananas and curds or sweetened curds is eaten by many to enhance the calcium content and taste. Our forefathers, hundreds of years ago, believed that bananas were nutritious when consumed in the morning.

Since it has certain cooling properties, it is generally not recommended to be eaten in the evening. As far as the medicinal properties are concerned, our ancestors knew better. 

Below are the 11 health benefits you might not know about, but our ancestors did.

  1. Bananas are prescribed for anaemia, gout (a type of arthritis), constipation, chronic cough, eczema, indigestion and even insomnia.
  2. Can you imagine, that bananas can treat mouth ulcers too? Ripe bananas are made into a paste and then whipped with curd. To this, add raisins and grains of cardamom.
  3. For chronic cough, black pepper powder and bananas are given, which helped to draw out the phlegm.
  4. To activate hormonal secretion, bananas are considered a must. Bananas help digest food.
  5. The banana is an ideal fruit for growing children.
  6. Banana leaves can be used in curing asthma. The ash of burned dry leaves of bananas is inhaled by those suffering from asthma. This is said to relieve wheezing.
  7. For young children, a mixture of mashed bananas and tulsi or basil leaves is given as it is said to activate the brain.
  8. A banana mixed with a few ripe grapes is a good combination to energise a tired body. The presence of some enzymes in grapes helps to consolidate and assimilate various nutrients present in bananas.
  9. The flower of the banana tree is nutritious too. It is good for joint pains and ensures proper blood circulation.
  10. Raw bananas are rich in phosphorous. Its combination with milk helps to calm down jagged nerves.
  11. The rind of the banana is excellent for getting rid of worms in the stomach.

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Other use of banana leaves

The leaves are also used instead of plates by many people, especially on festive occasions and marriages.

Savour this wholesome fruit either in a salad, cooked in a variety of dishes, or just eat it!

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