Diet Tips: Focusing On Your Diet During Festivals

 Diet Tips: Focusing On Your Diet During Festivals

Diet Tips: Eating healthy during a festival season can be tricky, especially when the only food that`s available is greasy and high caloric. No matter how hard you try, it becomes really difficult to avoid those tempting snacks and goodies. However, there is a way out. By building a diet regime and taking some smart health measures, you can cut on calories during festivals.

Best Diet Plan To Follow During The Festive Season

Mentioned below are some of the tips that you can follow to ensure a healthy and enjoyable festival.

  • Use low-fat ingredients
  • Stay hydrated
  • Use less oil for cooking
  • Record your calorie intake
  • Avoid aerated drinks
  • Find substitutes for snacks and sweets

Use low-fat ingredients

Avoiding greasy fried food and high-caloric sweets during festivals is quite difficult, however, you should not forget that it will take away all the hard work you did to get in shape. So, remember that moderation is the key to avoiding weight gain during the festive season. Therefore, make use of low-fat ingredients like low-fat milk, and low-sugar products to prepare sweets and snacks to keep your diet in check.

Stay hydrated

Since the festival season is very much like a 24/7 party, it is essential to stay hydrated all the time. Walking and dancing all day requires lots of energy, and if you aren`t hydrated you will feel sluggish. So, make an effort to consume nearly 2 litres of water during festivals to stay fresh and active. Another benefit of consuming water frequently during festivals is that it will keep your stomach partially full. As a result, you will eat less which in turn would help to minimize the caloric intake.

Use less oil for cooking

Though food prepared in a good quantity of ghee or oil tastes good, it is bad for health. Therefore, you should always cook your food using a limited quantity of oil, especially during festivals when is difficult to stay away from oily stuff.

Record your calorie intake

Keeping the track of how much and how often you eat is critical to maintaining your weight. When you track the number of calories you are consuming, it becomes easier to adjust your diet regime accordingly. Before a celebration, take small meals to prevent eating too much during the gathering. Or, you can plan a workout session afterwards.

Avoid aerated drinks

Say no to aerated drinks during festivals. Better replace it with water or fruit juices without sugar. Apart from being high in calories, these drinks are also bad for health.

Find substitutes for snacks and sweets

It is quite natural to give up your diet plan during the festival season. So the best way to keep your diet schedule balanced is to find ways to substitute snacks and sweets. And, the best way is to consume fruits when you can`t stop eating high-calorie food.

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