Five Signs You Need To Go See The Doctor

 Five Signs You Need To Go See The Doctor

Growing up, I was taught that going to see the doctor was only something you did if you dying. My parents raised me to have a “suck-it-up” attitude and to fight sickness with a determined mind, not over-the-counter medicine. For years, this way of life actually worked for me, but then I developed a skin infection when I was in college that I simply couldn’t ignore.

By the time I finally forced myself to go visit the campus doctor, I found out I had a staph infection in my foot. Not only had I put my life in danger, but I had also allowed a very minor problem to grow into something much more serious and life-threatening.

Nowadays, I no longer delay doctor visits. Going to see a regular check-up doctor is a priority that everyone should check off their to-do lists. If you haven’t been to your doctor lately, here are five signs it is time to schedule an appointment.

1. You are overweight

We all experience our share of weight ups and downs, but if you’ve been overweight for a period of months or years, it’s time to go see a doctor. We live in a society that is plagued with obesity and diabetes, and there is just simply no excuse for living with extra weight. Doctors can help get you on the right track by suggesting dietary changes, workout routines, and outside specialists that will help get you back in shape.

Not only does unnecessary weight affect your emotional and physical confidence, but it can also lead to unwanted diseases and heart conditions. Don’t be ashamed to go talk to a doctor about your weight struggle. They can help you reclaim your physical health.

2. You haven’t gone to your basic, required appointments

There are a number of medical appointments that people should make a point of scheduling on a routine basis. Things like mammograms, teeth cleanings, colonoscopies, pap smears, physicals, etc. should never be skipped or delayed. You may feel like you’re the picture of health, but you never know all that is going on in your body.

You want to be able to catch early signs of things that can do harm to your health, such as cancer and STDs, so as tempting as it might be, never delay your necessary doctor appointments. For a list of some of the appointments you should always keep on your calendar, see this link.

3. You are in pain

Pain isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes we push ourselves a little too much in an exercise class or pick up one too many heavy things in a day. When pain starts to plague your everyday life, however, there is a reason to be a bit concerned. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is out of sorts. It may be tempting to ignore the pain for a while, but you never want something minor to grow into something more serious.

When your body starts indicating that something is not right, it’s probably best to go ahead and listen to the signs being sent your way. A doctor can determine the source of your pain and help put you on the path toward lessening or doing away with your pain altogether.

4. You aren’t feeling like yourself

Not every day of your life is going to be spectacular. We all go through our share of difficult times, but if your life starts to feel like a bad day on a 24-hour repeat cycle, you should probably go and talk to a doctor or therapist. Our emotions are connected to our overall health, and if one aspect of our life or health suffers, others will follow closely behind. So if you’re feeling sad or depressed, a doctor can help get you back to your normal, healthy emotional state.

5. You are ready to embark on a new life chapter

Change is inevitable. We are in a constant state of evolution and growth in our lives, and it’s important that we have stable, quality health during those changes and experiences. Whenever you’re embarking on a new stage in your life, such as trying to have a baby, moving to a new city, running a marathon, eating healthier, getting married, etc., it’s of the utmost importance to get medical check-ups.

Decisions that involve making a change to our physical or emotional state – like getting pregnant, losing weight, or enduring a period of stress – should be overseen by a professional. You may think that you’re the only individual that truly understands the functions and workings of your body, but doctors can serve as the voice of reason and advice for any new chapter you decide to embrace.

Going to a doctor isn’t a picnic, but there are a number of circumstances that deem a visit to the doctor quite necessary. If you can relate to any of these five points, it’s probably time you scheduled a visit with your primary doctor.

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