Go Organic: The New Healthy Mantra

 Go Organic: The New Healthy Mantra

Go Organic: “Walk into any health store, food mall, or corner shop, and you are sure to find something labelled “organic”. What is it about organically grown food that has made it a foodie mantra? Why do people trek halfway across the city to pick up organic food/vegetables? What makes them swoon in delight at the mere mention of the word?

What Makes “Organic” the Most Happening Buzzword?

  • Organic foods are more expensive and come with a snob value attached.
  • It would contain more minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.
  • Organic foods began as a movement against the industrialization of agriculture.
  • These foods/vegetables are produced without the use of Artificial fertilizers, Hormones, Pesticides
  • On account of being chemical-free, organic food is considered a healthier option
  • Organic food is completely natural
  • The soil is kept chemical-free and specially prepared for at least three years before planting organic produce.
  • Organic farmland does not use petrochemical fertilizers
  • It uses animal manure, compost, etc.
  • A greater labor cost adds to the cost of organic produce
  • Organic food may cost 35-40 % more than ordinary produce.
  • Organic foods contain phenolic compounds that can protect you from developing heart disease and cancer.
  • It also ensures high food quality, which other conventional foods cannot commit. It boasts of a rich taste, being both, natural and fresh.
  • It is touted as being more nutritious, but this claim is not supported by documented evidence.

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The Downside

  • There is no way of certifying that organic food is indeed organic
  • There is no authorized certification process.
  • FDA is yet to certify what exactly constitutes organic food.
  • It may be wiser to rely on good brands

Today you can take your pick from organically grown cereals, spices, vegetables, herbs, pulses, and oilseeds. There is even an Organic Herbal Tea! Organic farmers work in harmony with nature, and organic farming is definitely better for the environment. So go right ahead and Go- Organic! It may be safer, more nutritious, and better for you!

Manish Singh


Manish Singh is a digital marketer by profession and have worked in health industry for more than 5 years. He is also a writer and editor in various content types and topics. Manish is also a certified naturopathist, a yoga and meditation practitioner since a long time.

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