25 Healthy Foods To Weight Gain Quickly

 25 Healthy Foods To Weight Gain Quickly

Most people are only concerned with foods that aid in weight loss and the removal of excess pounds. However, some persons are extremely thin or have recently recovered from a condition that caused considerable weight loss. In such circumstances, people must follow a high-calorie diet to compensate for their weight loss. This also applies to athletes, who require high calorific diets to compensate for their strenuous workouts. Remember that a high-calorie diet does not necessarily imply a high-fat diet. High-calorie diets are also required in extremely cold areas.

When you eat healthily and you are doing everything that can successfully gain weight and muscle. However, it is only possible if you can give yourself to eating the right foods that can help to gain weight. 

Best Healthy Foods To Gain Weight

In this article, we will tell you the 25 best foods, which are more likely will increase your chances of getting weight in no time.

  1. Ice cream
  2. Eggs
  3. Full Fat Yoghurt
  4. Full-Fat milk
  5. Protein smoothies
  6. Red meat
  7. Nuts and nut butter
  8. Rice
  9. Chees
  10. Chicken Breast
  11. Banana
  12. Peanut butter
  13. Dark chocolate
  14. Potatoes
  15. Dried fruit
  16. White meat
  17. Butter
  18. Beans
  19. Granola bars
  20. Tuna
  21. Beef and land
  22. Salmon
  23. Pasta and noodles
  24. Multigrain bread

1. Ice Cream

Regular consumption leads to Rapid weight gain however make sure to eat in limited amounts. Also, try to avoid anything cold if you suffer from a sunny side or are prone to a cough and cold.

2. Eggs

It contains 143 calories per 100 grams. 71 calories per Egg

Whole eggs are filled with nutrients. The best way to eat eggs to gain weight is to eat hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs. Have at least one or two eggs every day.

Also, it is the easiest thing that you can lay your hands around in the kitchen and probably economical too. But make sure that you have whole eggs. Therefore, you can consume the yolk as they are high in calories and nutrition.

3. Full Fat Milk

Calories: 60 calories per hundred grams. 146 calories per Cup. 9 calories per tablespoon.

Keeping milk in the first place is an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain weight and build muscle. Of course, milk has been here for decades and the good thing is, it never fails to deliver.

This food is chock-full of protein which makes it perfect for doors trying and adding more muscle. What’s more, milk is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins and other essential minerals.

Just focus on drinking a glass or two after your workout session you will definitely see results!

4. Full Fat Yogurt

Full-Fat yoghurt contains almost 150 calories in a small cup.

It will help you gain bone mass and muscle mass. Eat yoghurt as post late snack. You can also eat flavoured yoghurt to take advantage of the added flavour and sugar for gaining weight.

But it provides you with facts that yoghurt has probiotics and healthy nutrients that aid in better immunity.

5. Protein Smoothies

Calories: 113 calories per cup 40. calories per fluid Oz.

A Yummy homemade protein smoothie is the best when it comes to gaining weight. Prepare 400-calorie snacks using fresh fruits, plain yoghurt, and nut butter.

Stick with homemade smoothies

 Looking for a sure quick and highly nutritious way to gain weight? If so, it is well recommended to give protein smoothies a shot.

We know you might be considering store-bought protein shakes. These commercial versions are typically loaded with sugar is also like nutrients. Remember we are looking to gain weight and muscle the healthy way with no diversions.

The good news is there are a lot of super tasty variations you can make at home. You can prepare smoothies with superfoods at home. Or if you want you can get a dairy-free smoothie ready at home.

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6. Red Meat

Red meats, in fact, are one of the best muscle-building foods right now. Red meat is an amazing muscle-building supplement.

It contains leucine an essential amino acid the body needs to stimulate muscle Protein synthesis and add new muscle tissue.

But what if you are just looking to add some weight?

Well, red meats are perfect for you, as they contain the right amount of fat and calorie! In fact, they are way better than lean meats in this regard, so don’t hesitate to eat them up.

7. Nuts & Nut Butter

Calories: 607 calories per 100 gms. 172 calories per 1 oz

Nuts and nut butter both are just perfect for your weight gain journey. First of all, nuts are chock full of calories. In fact, eating just 2 handfuls a day as a snack can quickly add hundreds of calories.

Brazilian nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts. Etc. These are some of the highest-calorie foods available.

8. Chees

It contains 402 calories per 100 grams. 68 calories per tablespoon

Cheese is a calorie Rich milk product that is a staple for years all over the world in different forms. Also, it contains a large number of calories to add to your daily diet to gain weight.

Actually, cheese is made from milk. Cheese is one of the most high-calorie foods that satisfy your taste buds and yet is versatile.

9. Rice

Rice just a single serving of can give you a high amount of Carbohydrates and calories. it’s also good to know that rice is super easy to consume and digest.

10. Chicken Breast

195 calories 500 grams. 86 calories per 1 lb

To gain muscle mass consume chicken breast on a daily basis or every alternate day. One 3-ounce (85g) portion of boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast includes 128 calories, 26 grammes of protein, 2.7 grammes of fat, and no carbs.

11. Banana

200 calories per hundred grams. 

Consuming 1-2 bananas per day will keep your energy levels up improve your stamina and make your bones strong. This fruit can be consumed in all cases for weight gain.

High on calories

Banana is not only beneficial for quick weight gain, but it is also calorie-rich. A big banana contains about 120 calories but is low in fat and high in Potassium, Calcium and Iron.

12. Peanut Butter

588 calories per 100 grams.

Consume 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is creamy, and delicious that can take the taste of a smoothie bread to a heavenly level.

100 grams of peanut butter has 588 calories grams of protein and 3 grams of carbohydrates in a tablespoon and it’s not hard to love.

13. Avacodo

Calorie: 160 calories per hundred grams. 156 calories per 1/2 avocado

A natural calorie machine; perfect for adding on pounds. The Avocado provides a huge amount of calories and fat to your diet, making it a dieter’s Nightmare and a skinny person’s best friend. It’s surprisingly energy packed.

Eating an avocado every day can cause you to gain 6 lbs in a week. It is one of the fruits that are high in taste, nutrition and calories. Avocado is also written in good facts that provide added nutrients. An avocado has about 200 calories in small fruit. You can add a few slices of avocado to a sandwich Omelet.

14. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a good source of protein, minerals and fat. It protects against cardiovascular diseases, and also, helps to gain weight. 100 grams bar of chocolate has over 500 calories. Dark chocolate is a great choice as a treat food for gaining mass.

Basically, this dark good food is ideal for those suffering from depression or just need a mood lift. And of course, this is one of the high-calorie food that all age groups love.

15. Dried Fruit

It contains about 300 calories per 100 grams. It can be eaten throughout the day in form of snacks. You can eat prunes, berries, raisins or any other kind of fruit that has been dried for longer preservation.

16. White Meat

Chicken and Turkey are known as White meat. You can fry, grill, bake or eat white meat as so.

17. Potatoes

Backed or grilled potatoes contribute effectively towards weight gain. Processed foods and chips should be avoided as they contain unsaturated or trans fats.

18. Butter

The calorie count is about 400 calories per hundred grams.

Any clarified butter or regular butter, you will get a high dose of calories through this food. Butter is made from milk. Butter is processed to be preserved for longer periods and adds to the high calorific value for the body.

19. Beans

Beans are rich in protein and they will help you build muscle consume lentils kidney beans, chickpeas, mung beans, and soya beans.

20. Granola Bars

It contains 140-170 calories per serving.

Healthy, tasty, and one of the best foods for gaining weight; granola is a great choice. It is loaded with energy protein and fibre as well as calories.

In this, some other fruits are also included like nuts, peanuts, butter, etc that are very high in calories. The best part is that you get this calorie from a range of high fibre like oats and barley. 

21. Tuna

It is one of the rich proteins with healthy fats. Because it’s a fish, tuna is an extremely healthy protein that contains many of the essential oils that your body needs to operate smoothly.

Also, it is really easy to prepare and it works in a lot of different dishes. So, it’s an easy addition to your meal plans.

22. Beef And Lard

To gain weight it is advised to consume lean beef patties in your meal.

Red meat is one of the highest in calories values when it comes to this food. in fact, about a hundred grams of beef has almost 900 calories. But this comes with their share of cardiovascular problems and diseases that should be eaten in moderation.

23. Salmon

It is a high-calorie seafood that is highly recommended for athletes and sports personnel. It has Omega 3 fatty acids along with fish oils that provide different health benefits to the body. It contains 400 to 500 calories per 100 grams.

24. Pasta & Noodles

The calorie count is about 300 calories per serving.

Pasta and noodles are nutrients rich ingredients if used the right way. Most kinds of pasta are made from diabetes semolina which adds high calories along with fibres to have with this source for gaining some healthy fat.

These are easily available and should be cooked with vegetables to get all the essential vitamins and minerals.

25. Multi-Grain Bread

The other high-calorie food that you can add to your everyday diet includes whole-grain bread. These contain natural gluten, which is high in calories and also fills you up. You can avoid added fats hereby opting for olive oil instead of butter.

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