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Ear Infections: Home Remedies For Earwax and Ear Infections

Home Remedies For Earwax and Ear Infections: There are a lot of earwax treatments that can be purchased in the supermarket or pharmacies. But there are a lot of simple home remedies; also they can be much more powerful in dealing with earwax and ear infections. Earwax problems and ear infections are very common today, and they should be treated as soon as possible; because they can cause severe problems like hearing loss due to a blocked ear canal. Usually, when we buy a treatment for earwax, it contains alcohol like isopropyl that helps clean the ear and the blockage. Many home remedies for ear wax cleaning contain simple ingredients like baby oil, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, water, hydrogen peroxide, and olive oil. In addition, you need to get a dropper for you to put the solution in your ear.

Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol Solution

One simple oldie-but-goodie remedy for removing ear wax is a vinegar and rubbing alcohol mixture. This solution powerfully helps remove earwax. The vinegar in this solution helps fight bacteria and fungi and will prevent any kind of infection from happening in the future. The alcohol, on the other hand, will dry the ear. To make this simple solution, mix the same amount of rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Use it by pouring it into the infected ear and letting it sit for 60 seconds. Use it 1 to 3 times daily in order to remove ear wax and other ear infections. If this home remedy doesn’t deliver improvements in 1-3 days, please see your doctor.

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Hydrogen Peroxide

In a small cup of lukewarm water mix 1-1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide; then stir until fully dissolved. Next, lie on the side that is a clogged ear facing up to the ceiling; place a towel under your head. Finally, fill your ear with the hydrogen peroxide with a medicine dropper and place 3-4 drops of this solution into your year. Leave it in your ear for 5 minutes then clean your ear with a towel or a cotton swab.

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