Home Remedies Treatment Of Acne

 Home Remedies Treatment Of Acne

Many people are searching for home remedies for pimples. Nobody wants to be seen when they have pimples, and the last thing many people want is to have to go out in public to a dermatologist to get treatment.

Many people also feel self-conscious to go to a store and buy acne home remedies, which is why it’s becoming very popular nowadays to just buy products online to use them in the privacy of one’s home.

In addition, people want to steer clear of the horrible side effects of prescription acne treatments. For more on this, see our pages on Accutane side effects and Accutane results.

Because of these factors, a good home remedy for pimples that actually works would be a blessing for a lot of people.

Acne Causes

Skin specialists claim that normally, the oil glands on the skin make the skin greasy, which keeps the skin soft and safe, but when these glands start producing more oil than usual, the skin can become dry and cracked. This oil cannot exit the skin if the outer layer of the skin is repeatedly obstructed. In such a circumstance, bacteria proliferate in the glands and bring on infections, which manifest as acne on the face and other parts of the body.

Home Remedies for Pimples (Acne) to Try

Let’s first cover a list of some of the more common home acne remedies and then following that, we will give our personal experience of what has actually worked.

  1. Instead of washing your face with soap and water, rinse it in the morning and night with lukewarm salty water. Soap is a drying agent and may aggravate acne, whereas lukewarm salty water may help remove oils without overly drying the skin.
  2. After washing your face, soak a cotton ball in vinegar and dab it on any pimples.
  3. Take orange peels — yes, orange peels- soak them in water and then grind it into a paste. Then apply the solution to the pimples.
  4. Thoroughly grind garlic and honey, apply this paste using cotton to the affected area and wash it off after keeping it for 20 minutes
  5. On the acne-affected area, apply a paste made of turmeric and aloe vera. It aids in skin cleansing. The acne marks progressively fade as a result.
  6. Mix one spoon of nutmeg and one spoon of raw milk together. Apply the paste on the affected area and wash the face after 20 minutes.
  7. Take an icepack or ice cube and apply it to your pimples in the evening before retiring. This will supposedly help counter the inflammation from the zits and help reduce their appearance.
  8. Rub fresh peeled and crushed garlic on the acne
  9. Create a paste made from nutmeg and milk and apply it as a facial mask. Wash off with water.
  10. apply egg whites on your face and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning
  11. Make cucumber paste and apply it to the pimples overnight and wash off in the morning

The list of home remedies for pimples goes on and on.

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There are even specific remedies for specific kinds of acne and skin care advice, such as blackhead remedies and getting rid of blackheads and removing blackheads with a tool called a blackhead extractor, how to get rid of zits, get rid of pimples overnight, steps to get rid of zits, acne blemish control, clear complexion diet, home remedy acne zits, and even the best way to pop a zit.

But the real question is: do any of these home remedies for pimples listed above work?

I have personally tried many of these home remedies for pimples and only a few actually had any benefit. Most did absolutely nothing and were, in fact, very tedious and time-consuming.

The ones that worked somewhat were using an ice cube which did seem to reduce swelling and size.

The other one that worked was dabbing a cotton ball with vinegar and applying it directly to the pimples. What works even better than this is dabbing a cotton ball with witch hazel and wiping it down the face.

Home Acne Remedy

If you want a real home acne remedy, you will probably have to do what people who are serious about clearing up their skin do: find and purchase a good product with ingredients that have been shown to really help acne.

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