How Do You Know That Your Plastic Surgeon Is Fake or Not?

 How Do You Know That Your Plastic Surgeon Is Fake or Not?

Plastic surgery has become a popular option for those who want to create an image that satisfies what the media and the world of entertainment see as beautiful. Since surgical procedures for enhancements are often expensive, a lot of individuals have turned to back-street clinics or fake Plastic Surgeon doctors that offer cheaper services. This is not a good idea. People can put themselves in real danger if they opt to have complicated procedures from clinics or “doctors” that aren’t certified.

Victims of fake surgeons have come out with more complicated conditions, such as severe bleeding, serious inflammatory reactions, tumors, and death. Others have suffered disfigurements and amputations that are difficult, expensive, and oftentimes hopeless to correct.

How to Spot a Fake Plastic Surgeon

For a person who is considering cosmetic surgery, being meticulous is of utmost importance. He should spend some time researching the doctors that he is considering and ask about the educational background of such professionals. Most individuals who go into plastic surgery have to finish a 5-year medical course and another 2 years are spent honing their skills for their specialty. People should also verify if doctors possess valid medical licenses and are board certified. Such things can be easily verified on online sites, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Another important step is scheduling an appointment with one’s chosen surgeon. This will give a person the opportunity to come face to face with the doctor who may be operating on him. During the meeting, it is also all right and even expected and recommended for a person to inquire about what types of procedures a doctor is skilled at. It is also helpful to ask for a thorough explanation as regards the entire process.

People should also check if a doctor is affiliated with or is a member of well-known and respected medical groups, like the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). Members of ASAPS are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. It will also be helpful to check if a doctor participates in continuing education to further harness his skills as a cosmetic surgeon.

To recognize a fake surgeon, check the following:

Valid license or a board certification

A person may be presented with fake documents; hence, it’s also important to check the differences between fake and real medical licenses and certifications.

Expert knowledge regarding surgical procedures

Since most people don’t have a clue as regards what a surgical procedure entails, it is helpful to check the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Here, there are details regarding cosmetic surgery operations and a person can compare information and also see what kinds of methods are recommended for certain procedures as well.

  • Membership with acclaimed medical groups
  • Operates following the medical Code of Ethics
  • Operates in an accredited facility

What Should Victims Do?

The acts of unqualified individuals claiming to be cosmetic surgeons are classified as medical malpractice. Medical malpractice falls under a larger category legally known as personal injury. Those who have been victimized by false doctors or those who underwent plastic surgery knowing that their surgeon is not qualified should talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Though the circumstances may be embarrassing, people should take action so that those who falsely claim to be cosmetic surgeons will be apprehended. Many have suffered and some have died under the hands of phony surgeons.

Posting Bail

The court can decide to release suspected individuals on their own recognizance, wherein they won’t be required to post bail. But they have to sign a contract promising that they will attend court proceedings as regards their case. In most cases, a judge will decide the bail sum. Here, other factors are considered, such as: causing injury or bodily harm to others, impersonating a medical professional, or identity theft.

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