Baby Skin Care: How Good to Use Rose Water for Baby Skin

 Baby Skin Care: How Good to Use Rose Water for Baby Skin

Baby Skin Care: The babies’ skin is very soft as compared to older kids and adults. Since the cells over their skin level are new hence they happen to be very smooth and soft. Such skin is not competent to resist harsh chemicals or hot water. Hence before applying anything over your baby’s skin, you need to think twice.

As far as the rose water is concerned, it has a sweet smell appearing like crystal clear water, which simply smells refreshing. Since it is found in a gentle and pure form it can be used for any soft and feeble kind of skin, hence it’s a perfect choice for babies also. Let’s check how good to use rose water for your baby’s skincare.

The attributes of rose water

If you dig deep inside rose water, you will find all the attributes of this water is friendly to your baby’s skin. It has several astringent properties and is among the gentlest in the list of astringents. It is also known for being antibacterial in nature, hence while applying it over the skin of babies; it can make their skin free from bacteria.

It is the best solution for babies and people who have sensitive skin as it has no side effects while applying them over your skin. It can also be used as a toner over your dry skin. In other words, it has all the soothing features, which can keep the skin of babies intact and protected.

Using rose water for baby skin

You are not supposed to bathe your baby on a daily basis as they were hardy get dirty and moreover, with regular washing, you could even end up damaging their skin. Also, using different baby products including the ones meant for gentle use could even damage their skin provided you use them on a daily basis.

Hence daily bathing should be avoided for infants and small babies. Instead, you could think of wiping out rose water, which is also called rose hydrosol. Rose water hardly has any toxin presence in them, hence is a safer option for small babies. All you need to do is to take a small amount of rose water and wipe it over their skin to clean them.

With a couple of soothing and healing attributes, you could end up helping your baby to feel better and keep them away from any kind of infections.

Keeping your baby’s skin properly moisturized

If you see your baby’s skin extremely dry then you are supposed to do something to keep their skin in the right shape. The general rule of moisturizer says that it has to be thicker to be a better one; hence many parents use thicker ointment or creams. As you know these products could harm the skin of your babies, and considering rose water to soothe the dry skin of your baby could be a wise choice. Rose water is among the best moisturizer for the skin.

It helps to keep your skin supple and soft. It is a perfect medicine to heal cracked skin. Hence if you find your baby’s skin very dry then consider using rose water and no need to follow the thicker moisturizer rule since it is effective in both dilute and concentrated forms.

Final word

Babies always have tender skin, hence you cannot think of applying ordinary products over their skin. However, you could always think of using rose water over your baby’s skin. All you need to do is to get them from a reputed place and then apply them over their skin with clean and soft cotton and dab them with a tender touch.

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