How the Western Countries Are Innovating Toward Affordable Healthcare

 How the Western Countries Are Innovating Toward Affordable Healthcare

The one field that needs a proper makeover is medicine. The continuously increasing healthcare prices along with ineffective and inefficient medical procedures have disappointed many individuals over the world. However, bringing change is easier said than done. The pricey gadgets and medical equipment along with expensive medication have taken a toll on the human race.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 50 countries around the world have attained the status of universal health care coverage. The European Union has been working hard to bring innovation to its health plan. Eye health is another issue that is of great importance. The eyes are one of the most important senses that a human has and can help us with the visual understanding of the world. To help you achieve clear vision, 1 day Acuvue truly contact lenses can be used.

Other innovations like ‘eHealth’ and ‘telemedicine’ help provide cost-effective and affordable healthcare. There are many other innovations that are helping western countries come up with affordable healthcare methods:


A simple checklist can help prevent stupid mistakes. These mistakes usually occur during surgery and can cost hospitals and patients a lot of money. They can also be life-threatening. While the use of checklists may not seem that innovative, they have helped many patients live and have helped doctors from losing their certification. All doctors should maintain a necessary checklist and check it before they enter into surgery.

Behavioral Economics

We, humans, are not very good at following instructions, even if they are the doctor’s orders. We do not pay heed to what the doctor says and do not follow the prescribed treatment properly. This results in complicating the situation and worsening our health, not to mention it costs us a lot more than the initial treatment.

Doctors are not using different incentive methods to help patients increase the use of early prescriptions and avoid adverse consequences. Social pressure, rewards, default options, and other behavioral tricks can help patients improve their behavior toward the prescribed treatment.

Patient Portals

The online world has changed many things and it has helped improve health care also. You can use share medical records, renew prescriptions, deal with health insurance companies, check lab results, and communicate with nurses and doctors. This helps patients take charge of their health and become more involved and active in improving their health.

Care Organizations

You go to different healthcare organizations, usually when you are sick. Lately, healthcare organizations are going through an innovative idea where healthcare professionals are rewarded if they keep people out of hospitals. The idea is generating a lot of positive buzzes as it will ensure that a lower number of people are sent care when sick and doctors will be more aggressive about people following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Virtual Visits

Video chats and conferences are widely used by every one of us. Though it is not possible for doctors to physically touch a person through the screen (yet), it is possible for them to monitor conditions over video chats. It helps doctors keep a patient’s record and maintain complete health data like blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and temperature.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy has some uncanny prospects that are hard to deny. You can use these stem cells to cure diseases that were at a time incurable and life-threatening. The most important source of stem cells is human embryos and they can take the form of any human tissue: bone, liver, muscles, etc.

Genetic Medicine

Here, doctors are working to improve a person’s genes. To put it in simple words, replace any defective genes with working ones or create a customized cure by tailoring drug treatments. Though early experiments were not successful, over time gene therapy has helped cure different gene-related diseases among children.

Regular visits to the doctor can also help you keep a healthy life. It can reduce healthcare costs that are incurred due to irregular health habits. Innovations to improve health around the world are the prime focus of many organizations and doctors who work with the World Health Organization. You can improve your eye health through regular eye exams. If you are prescribed lenses or glasses it is important that you use the ones that are reliable and healthy. 1 day Acuvue truly contact lenses can help you achieve clear vision.

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