How to Deal With Allergies?

 How to Deal With Allergies?

It is so irritating to regularly have a running and itchy nose, and itching eyes that soon turn red and swollen, making you feel lethargic and ill! Don’t put it down as a common cold and hope that a dose of vitamin C will cure you. This is true, especially if your cold kicks in when the weather changes, like near the spring season.

This is actually an allergy and Vitamin C is not going to do you any good. You need to take action and manage the allergy. Given below are 4 ways in which you can take control of your life and allergies:

  1. Wash Your Sinuses – The first thing you can do is use a saline solution to wash your sinuses. Get a ready solution from the drugstore or make your own solution by mixing ¼ to ½ teaspoon salt into a cup of lukewarm water. Slightly tilt your head to the back and pour water through one nostril so that the solution reaches your sinuses. Repeat with the other nostril. This is an effective solution that helps to deal with the allergy.
  2. Avoid Allergens – It is so easy to say that you must stay away from allergens but this is easier said than done. To know what causes your allergies, you must get an allergy test done. It may be something as common as dust or pollen or something else in the air. Talk to your doctor and know what you must avoid.
  3. Go To Sleep – As with the common cold, lying down helps to control the allergy. Sleep with your face up or on the side and you will get relief. But since this is not a common cold, you have to take medication.
  4. Medication – Allergy medication is different and you may be prescribed antihistamines. These allergy medications should be taken at the first hint of an attack for best results.

So, next time you feel inflicted by any allergy, you know what to do. In spite of all these ways in which you can control allergies, it is best to be prepared. Rather than wait for the allergy to strike you down, take action to eliminate allergies from your life and stay happy, healthy, and carefree. If the problem still persists after a few days, be sure to visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms with him before you resort to any treatment of your own.

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