How to Get Motivated Work Out

 How to Get Motivated Work Out

It’s barely the beginning of the year, during the chilly winter, but if you would like to achieve that dream body by the end of the spring, just in time to hit the beaches, now is a perfect time. Being swimsuit-ready requires a lot of hard work and determination and getting rid of the unwanted body fat has to start no later than today.

Do not postpone, hit the gym! However, some people find it rather difficult to find the right motivation to do so. Even though you might want it really bad, it takes more than just this. You must get motivated! So, here is some advice on how one can get motivated more easily.

The first step of getting motivated is so simple that it might really surprise you. Decide to exercise. Yes. As simple as that. Make the crucial decision to change your daily routine for your own good. Ask yourself the question “Do I really want it” and “Why do I want/need it“. Once you have already done that, the beginning of your change. You will know that “Yes, I do want it and yes, I do need it”.

Set a realistic goal and aim for it the best you can. Realistic means that it doesn’t have to be to achieve the body of a Greek god, or losing 20kilos in a month (which, as a matter of fact, is not healthy at all). Having a certain goal makes one more determined and more focused.

You can find a picture of the celebrity, whose body you would love to ‘have’ and put it on your fridge’s door or on your computer’s desktop. This could be your goal, and looking at it every day will definitely make you more motivated.

Find something to inspire you. Inspiration often comes from people, who have achieved what you strive for, folks who have done the unthinkable and went from being completely out of shape to have a fabulous body. Men and women like this help you realize that nothing is impossible. Movies like the ‘Rocky’ series and ‘Chariots of Fire as well as the TV show ‘The Biggest Loser‘ are smart options.

Find support. Be it from your spouse, children or relatives, or friends. Once you know that you have people beside you, who trust in you and support you in what you do, doing it without straying from your goal would be easier.
Find yourself a gym buddy, somebody to train with. It would be best if this is a person in the same situation you are in. This way, you will both encourage each other. And whenever one does not feel like exercising (there are always days like this) the other one will not let his/her gym buddy take the day off when s/he has to be working out.

Commit to your new goal publicly. It doesn’t have to be on TV or in the local newspaper, but do it in front of your colleagues or family. Declare that you are determined to do this and that until a certain date. Not wanting to fail when others expect you not to will give you even more motivation.

There are bound to be difficulties along the way to success. Don’t think about them, but rather about the benefits you get from exercising. Yes, you might have to forget about the sweets and toil in the gym, but what is that in comparison to the results you achieve?

Exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be going to the gym. If lifting weights among strangers is not your cup of tea, choose something else. It could be cycling, running, hiking (outdoors or indoors), skating, etc. Even house removal can turn out to be a good way to exercise. Choose a type of activity that you find pleasure in and that you will look forward to.

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