How To Make Herbal Vaporizers More Efficient

 How To Make Herbal Vaporizers More Efficient

Herbal vaporizers are a great way to enjoy the benefits of herbs without unwanted side effects caused by smoking them. Herbal vaporizers are easy to use and make enjoying your herbs convenient, smoke and odor free, and can help increase the enjoyment and potency you get from your herbs.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for usage and maintenance is required for proper functioning, but there are some other things you can do to make your vaporizer more efficient,

How Do I Maximize Efficiency In My Herbal Vaporizer?

Keeping your unit clean will go a long way in maximizing the efficiency of your unit and your vaporizing draws. Using rubbing alcohol, clean the parts and pieces of your unit and you will get an efficient vaporizing session every time you use it.

After use, be sure to wipe or soak the following parts with rubbing alcohol:

  • The mouthpiece
  • The heating element
  • The mesh screen
  • The herbal chamber
  • The aromatherapy plate if your unit has one
  • The outside housing of the vaporizing unit

After cleaning your herbal vaporizing unit, be sure to rinse the pieces well with clean, warm water. Removing any trace of the rubbing alcohol will help you avoid a harsh blast of alcohol flavor the next time you use your unit. Allow the pieces to dry completely before enjoying your vaporizer after cleaning.

What Other Things Can I Do To Get Maximum Benefits From My Herbal Vaporizer?

Be sure you use only high-quality butane or the recommended power fuel for your vaporizing unit. Most vaporizers are designed to run cleanly on high-quality fuel and using lower-quality fuel sources can severely hamper the efficiency of your unit.

You should also allow your herbal vaporizer to completely heat up before taking a draw. Once the unit is on, allow it to heat and run through its cycles for seven to nine minutes. After this time frame has passed, your vaporizer will be fully heated. When brought up to temperature, the herbs will be at the premium temperature for vaporizing and you will get great draw and flavor from your herbs while you maximize the potency and effects of your herbs by vaporizing them at the correct temperature.

Enjoying your herbs with a vaporizer is a smart, healthy, smoke-free way to get the benefits and effects of smoking herbs without any of the unwanted smoke, odor, or ill side effects. If you take the time to clean your unit regularly it will greatly improve its efficiency. Use only the recommended power fuel and that will help keep the unit running smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently as well.

Lastly, be sure to allow your vaporizer to reach full temperature before you begin to take your draws and your enjoyment of vaporized herbs will increase exponentially. Maximizing your herbal vaporizer’s abilities will help you get the most enjoyment, pleasure, and benefits from your herbs so be sure you follow these tips and you will certainly enjoy reaping the benefits of a high-performing vaporizer.

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