How to Straighten Your Teeth in Just Six Months

 How to Straighten Your Teeth in Just Six Months

Straighten Your Teeth with the following tips. It is easy to become complacent about our teeth, especially if we are one of the lucky ones who seem not to have problems with dental decay. However, retake a look in your mirror. How straight are your teeth? Probably not as straight as you always just assumed them to be, I suspect. This is not surprising as far too many of us avoided having dental braces when we were younger. This probably doesn’t come as a great surprise considering how ugly and uncomfortable traditional dental braces are.

Many teenagers too, have suffered from bullying and torment in the playground because of their braces. The legacy of this is that most of us now have teeth that are far from perfect in their alignment. This doesn’t necessarily mean a major problem, especially if the misalignment is not severe.

However, there are occasions when we may wish to have a beautiful set of teeth, such as, for example, on our wedding day. The realization that the most important day of our life will be documented and captured on film, and most likely posted all over the internet these days, may make us sit up and consider if we want our crooked teeth on show.

For some time, this realization would have come too late as most orthodontics, from traditional braces to modern invisible braces such as Invisalign, take a significant amount of time to work, sometimes taking two years and more. As most people arrange a wedding less than a year away, and often sooner, there simply would be insufficient time for the orthodontics to work.

Six Month Smiles

This is where the Six Month Smiles orthodontics come into their own; this increasingly popular method for teeth straightening takes, as the name suggests, around six months to work. This is an average time however and can take more or less, depending on the severity of the case, so make sure to allow more time and see a cosmetic dentist well in advance.

How does the Six-Month Smile Work?

The Six Month Smile treatment combines the old and the new. Whilst it works in a similar manner to traditional braces, using brackets and wiring, it does not use a dark metal but instead uses brackets and wires which are tooth colored and also significantly more lightweight. This makes them far more discreet than the dental braces of old. The real trick though is that it works only on the visible teeth and not the rear teeth. This means that the time taken to move the visible teeth is much quicker than with other orthodontics. The other good news is that the procedure comes in at around half the price of Invisalign and others.

Provided that you arrange a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in plenty of time, there is no reason why the six-month brace should not be able to straighten your teeth and give you that wonderful smile on your big day that you will be proud of for many years to come.


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