Female Fitness: Fitness Tips For Working Women

 Female Fitness: Fitness Tips For Working Women

Female Fitness: Economic trends and impulsive buying patterns have forced many females to start a career but very few are actually able to deal with the pressure of family life together with the stress of the work environment. As a result, the female’s personal health is severely affected.

4 Female Fitness Tips For Working Women

When you attempt to provide optimum fuel to the body, most females overdo it by taking in extra calories which usually drives them away from the goal of staying fit. At the end of the day, a working woman faces innumerate challenges at all levels.

Say no to ingredients as white as snow

White and snowy crystals of refined sugar dextrose, maltose, or corn syrup with high fructose must be limited in foods. This form of sugar cannot promote cell growth or increase lean muscle mass and has potentially no role in promoting health. However, too much intake of refined sugar can make you fat. Different forms of sugar carry lots of calories but it does not have nutrients.

Some essential nutrients are robbed from the body to process sugars. With increased sugar, the levels of insulin also rise and signal the body to store fats besides regulating sugar levels. When insulin levels are elevated in the blood, it gets difficult to lose weight and maintain shape. Although this is a generic problem but most professional women rarely get time to address the issue. They need to cut sugar right away.

Try to replace refined sugar with other sweeteners as an ingredient for desserts. Check the labels of the food you buy. If the contents display sugar as the major ingredient, it’s probably wise to say “No thank you”. Some fruit juices contain a very high amount of fructose, which needs to be reduced.

In addition, you may want to stay away from processed food or starchy carbohydrates like wheat flour if you are interested in losing extra fat. Moreover, potatoes must be used sparingly in the diet. Despite the fact that potatoes have some nutritional value, their major ingredient is starch, which ultimately metabolizes into sugar.

Take proper meals and snacks incorporating protein

For a busy woman, burning fat and staying fit has been an ever-pressing challenge but sufficient intake of protein is vital for building lean muscle tissue. An average female is supposed to take 4 servings of protein in a day. So each of the three meals should have protein including the snacks you take. Besides the meat sources like chicken, beef, or fish, try to incorporate eggs, nuts, soy protein, cottage cheese, and other types of healthy protein in your diet.

Leafy greens are your true friends

Leafy green vegetables have high nutritional value as they supply essential minerals and nutrients that are vital for healthy brain and body function. Besides that, leafy vegetables make a great source of antioxidants and phytonutrients that have disease-fighting abilities and anti-aging properties. Leafy green vegetables include spinach, salad lettuce, kale, parsley, Boston lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and others.
Be a fiber fan

If you can’t manage time for regular exercise, intake of fiber can be the key to staying fit and healthy. For a busy woman, the daily fiber requirement amounts from 25 to 30 grams. Fiber intake aid digestion reduces the risk of diseases and turns out to be an effective remedy even for weight loss.

Ditch your microwave

This is especially a tip for busy women who tend to eat use microwave more often than usual. Using a microwave oven is like sacrificing quality for the sake of convenience. Food cooked in the microwave tends to lose its nutrition. For instance, cooking broccoli in the microwave will make it lose almost all of its flavonoid antioxidants.

On the flip side, steamed or stove-cooked broccoli only loses a small percentage of antioxidants. Today, we believe a microwave is an essential requirement when you have to defrost some food or heat it quickly. However, all professional women should realize that convenience is not worth risking your health.

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