International Women’s Health Day

 International Women’s Health Day

International women’s health day has been celebrated on 28th May since 1987. The African government established the initiative of this occasion after it spread worldwide within a short time. The idea of women’s health day has been derived from 1986 when various issues arose for the safety and human rights of women and girls in society. 

Back when they did not educate people enough, they did not believe in providing equal rights to both men and women. However, spread a few revolutions worldwide recognized women’s status in society. After this revolution, international women’s health day is initiated. International women’s health day can also be pronounced as a global day of action for women’s health. 

The main goal of establishing this occasion is to recognize women’s health importance and provide them with the right to health. It is held worldwide and organized by women and health organizations. Various healthcare camps are organized all over the place to provide cheap treatment to every woman. Many females visit these camps to get affordable healthcare, which is impossible to get on normal days.

 The situation of women in society, then we can easily observe that women are neglected the most in health facilities. There are various regions in each country where women do not get enough health care to access their life. 

Purpose Of International Women’s Health Day

The purpose of international women’s health day is to protect and provide enough healthcare to those women who have been neglected for a long time. All these females lack treatment and good healthcare due to various economic and environmental reasons. On the occasion of international women’s health day, multiple organizations and governments take the initiative to raise their voices and protect the individual rights of women. But unfortunately, we only recognize the social and biological on this day. We should protect the rights of women every day because women are the most neglected sex among all. This day is specially organized to discuss the issues regarding women’s healthcare and well–being.  

Celebrating international women’s health day is enough to raise our voices against the rising problems regarding women’s health. But it is not valid. There are countless places where females get no access to healthcare. Women’s health is still a common concern in India and other countries. However, International women’s health day is a practical day to raise the voice against the concerning issues about women’s health. There are a considerable amount of women who need help understanding the importance of health. However, international women’s health day will help them by educating the need and ness city of the good life.

International Women’s Health Day Theme Of The Year 2022

International women’s health day is celebrated with a different theme every year. However, this year also, the music was different and unique. The main motive for deciding the composition of these special days is to grab focus on the respective issue. This year’s theme also depicts the importance of women’s health in society. However, the theme of the year 2022 was ‘ resist and persist,’ Which describes the importance of women and their global rights. Whether or not we are working on this topic, it is still the most concerning issue in the world. In various situations, women faced brutal societal behavior against their health rights. So it is high time for women to raise their voices against all those phenomenon topics. 

Impact Of The Pandemic On Women’s Health

Undoubtedly, COVID–19 was a critical situation for every person. And every human being faces various difficulties regarding their health, income, etc., but every person’s situation is not the same. Some left their homes to survive; however, some did not get affected by anything. Their life was the same as before. At the same time, poverty hit hard during the pandemic. People are not able to get good healthcare due to insufficient resources. While during the pandemic, women are affected widely, and their health becomes weak. Adequate healthcare resources in the country are still unavailable as the government is insincere in the healthcare facilities.

While international women’s health day highlights the crucial topic of women’s health, it is hugely necessary to pay more attention to these issues as they can harm the country and individuals. Various countries are sincere about the rights of women’s health. At the same time, some are still trying to gain resources to fulfill the healthcare facilities. Females are not only affected by physical issues, but their mental and emotional problems also strain them. We need to understand the importance of this day and give the maximum contribution to women’s prosperity.


In India, there are a large number of women who need to have higher education. And this results in the need for more knowledge about health rights. However, only one day is not enough to talk about women’s rights, so females need to be more attentive toward their sexual and mental health. The female body is not strong enough to handle many problems, so you must maintain your health responsibly. All the nations and regions inside them need to be a corner where women can talk about their issues comfortably. We need to encourage them in all situations.  


1. When is international women’s health day celebrated?

Ans: International women’s health day is celebrated on 28th May worldwide. It helps every year. The African government took the initiative of international women’s health day. The main reason for introducing this day is to provide enough importance to women’s health.

2. What is the international day of action for women’s health 2022 theme?

Ans: The theme of the international day of action for women’s health 2022 was ‘resist and persist.’ The composition depicts that women have to face various situations. However, they must resist this situation and fight against them. 

3. What is the importance of the international day of action for women’s health day?

Ans: The international day of action women’s health day is essential for society and the female community because it discusses the importance of women’s health and being. It is a global event, so people get influenced in large numbers. Various organizations talk about the need and significance of women’s health. Women must have good health to raise their voices for their rights and fulfill all their goals.

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