Life Before and After Technology

 Life Before and After Technology

Over the last few years, technology has transformed important industries such as communication, journalism, climate action, and healthcare. With the usage of a cell phone, technology has become more intimate and portable. According to a recent statistic, the number of cell phone subscriptions has topped 8 billion, implying that there are now more cell phones on the planet than humans.

Life before and after technology

And as time passed, we evolved into a generation that is fully reliant on technology. This means that things have changed, and we can’t dispute that technology has simplified our lives.

Let’s look at some of the things that technology has changed for us in our lives.

Communicating with each other

Let’s learn how communication changed after technology.

  • Communication before technology

Prior to the advent of technology, mail was the primary mode of communication. In primary school, we used to write letters and get enthusiastic about buying stamps. Snail mail was so named because it was the slowest and most cumbersome mode of communication.

  • Communication after technology

With the advancement of technology, we may now connect via email, text, video chat, fax, or instant messaging. There is a plethora of technology that allows us to communicate with one another without the need for a mailbox. As a result, technology has made it possible to speak with people who live in various areas in a matter of minutes.

Modes of transportation

Let’s explore the change in modes of transportation after technology.

  • Transportation before technology

We used to travel on horse buggies, ships, and little covered wagons, which were all inconvenient. These kinds of transportation take a long time to go even a little distance, and people did not choose to travel due to the discomfort.

  • Transportation after technology

Our forms of transportation have become more glamorous as technology has advanced. Today’s modes of transportation include aircraft journeys, autos, and buses that are more convenient, faster, safer, and more comfortable. Thanks to technological advancements, we may now travel to any area of the world utilizing existing modes of transportation.

Source of entertainment

Let’s put some light on sources of entertainment before and after technology.

  • Source of entertainment before technology

Previously, plays were merely a source of amusement with some special effects. However, men portrayed the female roles because society does not allow women on stage.

  • Source of entertainment after technology

Nowadays, various forms of entertainment, like movie theaters, cable television, Netflix, video games, and mobile phone apps, surround us. These items provide some entertainment in our lives, and we are now seeing more diverse media representation, regardless of gender, color, or religion.

Education before and after technology

Let’s learn about the change in education method and education mode before and after technology.

  • Education before technology

There were few educational tools available in the past because we could only read printed books. Furthermore, we must go a significant distance to obtain a high-quality education.

  • Education after technology

Today, however, technology has made it easy to study by conducting a Google search, listening to a podcast, or watching a YouTube video. We may now acquire and succeed in nearly any talent, whether it be a new language, a computer language, a technical skill, or a piece of history. Printed books have been supplanted by ebooks, which are a faster choice that can be read on mobile or computer systems.

Health tracking – Before and after technology

We will learn about how health tracking has been changed after technology and what was it before technology.

  • Healthy tracking before technology

We still recall having to go for miles to obtain our health checks. Those were inconvenient and unsafe because they required traveling a long distance and taking a long time.

  • Health tracking after technology

Health and fitness equipment is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances. We can now track our health using real-time sensors that track our workouts as we accomplish them.


Our lives are being positively changed by the advancement of technology. Furthermore, technology is continually growing, and there are other devices and services that we are unaware of. Regardless, technology will continue to have a significant impact on our lives in some way.

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