Mayurasana (Peacock Pose): Method, Precautions and Health Benefits

 Mayurasana (Peacock Pose): Method, Precautions and Health Benefits

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Mayurasana (Peacock Pose): Mayurasana is a slightly difficult, but highly beneficial asana. Peacock is the national bird of India. In terms of beauty, it is considered the best among birds. Peacock’s claws are high and strong. The body is stabilized by resting the hands on the ground like claws. This situation becomes like a peacock. Therefore, it is designated by the noun of Mayurasana (in English it is called Peacock pose).

Peacock Pose Method: Step By Step Instruction

Here is the step-by-step instruction of peacock pose (mayurasana). Follow these steps to perform mayurasana. It is always suggested to start such difficult asanas in supervision of an expert yoga guru.

  • Kneel on the ground and rest the palms on the ground. The fingers of the hands will remain towards the feet.
  • Bend the elbows and rest on the upper part of the navel.
  • After setting the hands properly, while exhaling the breath, slowly move the mouth and shoulders forward, making them stable (balance).
  • The feet will automatically start rising from the ground. (Don’t push the shoulders, legs or any other organ. If you try to move only the shoulders etc., the legs will automatically start rising.
  • The body will become stable on the hands. Initially wait for a few moments.
  • Slowly bring the feet to the ground.
  • Leave the body relaxed, and practice Mayurasana again.

Health impact of Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

  • Peacock posture is good for health.
  • Makes the body mobile, shapely and beautiful.
  • The muscles of the hand are strong and impressively tight.
  • Due to bleeding in the mouth, its redness increases. The face appears radiant.
  • The digestive system and other parts of the stomach are also activated by Mayurasana.
  • Legs, shoulders and arms become powerful and strong.
  • Like Shirshasan, Mayurasan is also called the best among the asanas.

Mayurasana’s effect on the glands

  • There is a special effect on the adrenal and thyroid, due to which anger etc. impulses are controlled.
  • Being free from gravity increases the lightness of the body.
  • This makes the chest, head and kidneys healthy and strong.

Benefits of Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

  • The flow of blood starts in abundance towards the face due to which the beauty of the face increases.
  • The working power of the brain increases.
  • The functionality of the chest, abdomen and legs develops.

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