Odor Solutions for Smell Sensitive People

 Odor Solutions for Smell Sensitive People

Nobody likes to deal with unpleasant smells but those who suffer from Hyperosmia or smell sensitivity can become sick when exposed to strong odors. Even everyday smells like cooking odors can be unbearable for someone who has a heightened sense of smell.

Many pregnant women also become sensitive to odors and feel ill when exposed to certain scents. While disgusting odors repulse most people, sensitive individuals may feel extremely nauseous or begin to gag or vomit after smelling certain foods, dirty diapers or a smelly litter box. Whether a person is sensitive to odor or not, they should do their best to create an odor-free environment for everyone.

One of the best ways to help people who are sensitive to smell is to be considerate. Do not wear strong perfume to school or work. Smokers should stay within designated smoking areas so people can easily avoid the smell of secondhand smoke. People who are hosting a party or baby shower can use unscented cleaners in their homes before the event rather than using products that have strong chemical odors.

Parents should remember that the smell of dirty diapers could make some people feel sick. Most parents combat the smell of soiled diapers by investing in an airtight diaper container, but they can also prevent diaper odor while away from home. When parents are changing their baby on the go, they can place the smelly diaper in a Stink Sack before throwing it into a public garbage container.

Stink Sacks are heavy-duty bags that have thick edges and a zipper seal that locks in odors. The bags come in a variety of sizes. Parents can use plain clear or black Stink Sacks or Designer Stink Sacks that feature a cute design. The Stink Sack airtight bags are a terrific solution for parents who do not want to leave a stinky diaper in someone else’s trash container during a visit. Parents can keep Stink Sacks in the diaper bag so they are always on hand.


Parents can also place dirty diapers into smell-proof bags before placing them into household diaper pails for extra odor protection. While all parents can benefit from extra protection against diaper odor, this extra step is especially helpful for pregnant moms who have to change dirty diapers each day.

Pregnant women who can no longer tolerate the smell of some of their favorite household items such as scented candles, air fresheners, or certain spices can place the items in Stink Sacks until their normal sense of smell returns.

The airtight sacks can also be used to reduce the smell of unpleasant kitchen odors. People who are sensitive to food smells can use Stink Sacks instead of regular kitchen trash bags. They can toss offensive items such as spoiled food into one of the airtight bags so they will not smell any trace of the odor.

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People who avoid taking trash to the curb because they cannot stand the smell of accumulated garbage can place rotten food and other smelly items into Stink Sacks before placing them into a larger garbage bag or plastic trash container.

This will not only prevent smell-sensitive individuals from having to endure the awful smell of rotting garbage, but it will also keep the neighborhood smelling better on garbage day.

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