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Quit Smoking : How to Quit Smoking Today?

When smokers decide that the time is right to stop smoking, they usually wish they could quit smoking today. The challenges of smoking cessation are often fraught with frustration and occasional relapses, so it makes sense for smokers who want to make this life change to seek the best way to get through the initial stages as quickly and smoothly as possible.

EAGLES–or Evaluating Adverse Events in a Global Smoking Cessation Study–wants to help streamline the process so smokers can quit smoking today and for the rest of their lives. The company wants to begin to change the negative statistics surrounding smoking with positive ones for people of any race, gender, and age. Rather than sitting by and watching statistics scroll by, such as the fact that each year four million people lose their lives to smoking-related diseases.

EAGLES wants to change the statistic that reveals that less than 10 percent of smokers are successful in their first attempt to stop smoking. The way that the EAGLES study goes about helping smokers is by educating them about the risks and consequences of smoking, particularly over a long period of time.

More than an ad campaign, EAGLES intends to find and deliver facts in a straightforward way, so smokers who want to quit smoking today have all the information possible. By conducting clinical research studies, EAGLES is able to find concrete answers as to why the struggle to quit smoking today and into the future is such a challenge to many.

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