Social Media Negative Effects: How Social Media Harms Your Mental Health

 Social Media Negative Effects: How Social Media Harms Your Mental Health

Social Media Negative Effects: The Internet is a growing platform which provides tons of information at one click. It offers a tremendous reach to technologically inspired people, and there is nothing the Internet can’t solve. The Internet has provided new scope to online and communication technology, and People can study, enjoy and take various benefits from it. The Internet has flourished in its availability globally. It is upgrading daily and providing help to people all over the place.

The Internet is binding people through its immersible approach, and you can talk to your relatives and friends even if they live far. Video and voice calls have also influenced many people towards the Internet. Nowadays, social media is becoming solid and vital in everyone’s life. Social media provides access to communication, information and availability of a friend circle, playing a critical role.

There are plenty of benefits of social media, but it’s not that it doesn’t have any issues in it. In the modern world, social media and its features highly influence people. People forget that it also has some drawbacks, affecting mental health.

People are only attracted to social media networks’ popularity but fail to understand the problems it is causing everyone. It involves a person’s mental health and peace, eventually leading to depression. In this article, we will provide detailed information about the social media causes to us every day.

Impacts of social media on your mental health

Nowadays, social media has become very popular among people. Apart from benefits, it also has some negative aspects which affect your life. According to the research, there is a strong link between social media and people, which increases the risk of depression, anxiety, self-harm and many more. Here we will discuss some social media factors that affect people’s mental health.

1. Social media makes you upset 

People often think it is safe in many ways, leading to depression and stress among growing teenagers. There is various website which is fake and hacks the social media accounts of people and harasses them in multiple ways, which lays a direct impact n the mental health of teenagers.

The life we see on the Internet plays a critical role in our life, but it affects our nerves and leads to stress in our minds. People generate fake emotions and expectations towards social media life, and when these expectations are not fulfilled, it will lead to stress. We often think that social media life is an important thing where we need to behave accordingly, and this fake appearance will lead to various negative emotions.  

2. Social media creates unrealistic expectations about life. 

We often imagine everything we see on the Internet is true. And we try to adapt like other people, such as celebrities etc. however, social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter are full of influencers who affect people’s mental health. People often need help understanding the cons of social media gives.

People usually post about their luxurious life and legacies, which fascinate other people and let to upsetting expectations. We twist our cognitive thinking towards the generosity of these people and get upset about their financial status, which eventually leads to stress and depression.

3. Demolishes human connections

These social media platforms help create relationships among people from different places. It helps in socializing with other people and different places. Some often create good bonding with their partners through these platforms, but the unavailability of their presence results in a grudge which affects their mental health and leads to depression.

Sometimes, people cannot meet each other and see through screens due to long distances, which leads to negativity.

4. It leads to addiction.

We often hear about the addictive impact social media throws on us. Even if it has various drawbacks, it affects a person’s mental health and creates stress about life though we are widely dependent on social media. We want it in a necessary amount even if it affects our lives. These social media platforms are increasing daily, and we can’t stay from this addictive process.

These social media platforms consume our precious time and leave us with nothing. It is impacting our lives badly, and we still need it daily. However, there are fewer chances to leave these media because they are the need of the hour, but we can stimulate the usage accordingly.

5. The feeling of missing out

While using social media, people are often left out in some conversations with friends, groups etc. moreover, it creates a hyper situation of being left behind. The stress of always being the first to react, check and read the message can create some unusual pressure that suddenly goes the person in focus.

Feeling of being left out among your friends can lead to the distraction of your studies. If you cannot be able to go out with your friends and when you see their account status, it can also create a feeling of loneliness


Social media is making growth in people towards their life, but all the impacts are not right. It negatively affects people’s mental health while resulting in depression and stress among teenagers. People often feel less important in society due to less availability of resources than online influences, leading to lagging. Teenagers’ excessive use of social media can lead to distraction from studies, lack of sleep, chances of bullying and pressure of unrealistic life. The usage of social media can measure the risk of the person.

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  1. Why is it important to stay safe on social media?

It is important because adding a stranger to your friend list who is not even your mutual can raise a question about your safety. People can access your personal information, photos, videos, etc., creating safety barriers. Always accepts requests from those people whom you know because adding someone unknown can be a threat to your safety.

  1. How to safeguard your personal information on social media?

People should always treat the “about me” field as optional, become a master of personal security, log out after using social media, create solid and private passwords, create and use an ‘off-limit’ list, and always accept requests from those people whom you know.

  1. How does social media responsibly be used?

You should use social media responsibly by using a setting that determines who is watching your posts. You must set your timeline so that only your friends can see it. Don’t share any personal details. Everyone may see which page you like, so always take care of that. Avoid making individual posts visible to friends of friends or the public.

  1. How powerful is social media?

Social media is the most powerful and empowering thing in everyone’s life nowadays. It is the most critical communication platform which influences countless people all over the world. People can raise their voices against any wrong matters. In contrast, people usually post on Instagram and Facebook to raise the standard of the problem. If something bothers people’s rights and availability, the first step is to post on social media. Moreover, it is the critical era of revolution towards any evil thing.

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