The 12 Commandments of Nutrition

 The 12 Commandments of Nutrition

Commandments of Nutrition: We suggest the following 12 commandments for healthful eating for nutrition.

  1. Add more plant foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to boost your protection from disease
  2. Choose dark green salad leaves – the darker, the more nutritious
  3. Add beans to soups and salads – they are high in fibre and protein
  4. In place of butter or margarine in cooking, try olive oil as it contains more mono-saturated fat than saturated
  5. Eat fewer processed or packaged foods. No crackers or cookies as they contain hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated oils (that read fatty acids)
  6. Cook at home more – that way you have all the say in what you eat
  7. Keep healthy snacks at hand. So, whenever you feel hungry, instead of reaching out for that potato chip, you might as well eat a rice cake, whole-grain cereal, a fruit, or vegetable
  8. Avoid charring grilled foods. Remove visible fat before cooking to minimise flare-ups and the formation of potential carcinogens (cancer-causing substances)
  9. When shopping, use the food labels to make smart choices. Check the serving size first to learn the calories and nutrient amounts
  10. Eat three square meals a day. Never skip your breakfast boost. For lunch have protein-rich foods and meals to keep you going. Eat light at night
  11. Order restaurant food prepared the way you want it. For example, broiled fish instead of fried
  12. If you are trying to control your weight, don’t deprive yourself. You can still eat your high-calorie favourites, as long as they are less often and in smaller portions.

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