The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise and Spending Time in Nature

 The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise and Spending Time in Nature

Why outdoor exercise and spending time in nature is necessary?: In day-to-day life, there is lot more laziness is spreading that brings so many diseases and low immunity in the body and brings physical and mental problems with itself. In the rush of life, everybody has forgotten to take care of themselves. To make yourself healthy and disease free, it is important to do exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. Giving time to nature shows how much we care and love, and how nature gives it back in the form of resources to all living beings. Nature teaches us to sustain the resources for future use.

Benefits of outdoor exercises and spending time in nature:

There are so many benefits of doing physical and mental health exercises and of spending time in nature which should be considered in our daily lives to be conscious about our fitness, immune system, body, nature, etc. and these are as follows:

Outdoor exercises

include walking, jogging, brisk walking, jumping, biking, jumping ropes, cardio workout, Zumba class, laughter sessions, squats, long jumps, push-ups, bicycle riding, exercising tools in parks, and gym, meditation in the park, yoga in parks and camps, etc. These all help in boosting your immune system, good body metabolism, etc. Doing these exercises consumes energy of the body due to which the body feels fatigued and sleeps early or on time at night.

Anaerobic respiration

Outdoor exercises lead to anaerobic respiration. When we exercise, our body needs more energy to break down the fat which breaks in little amounts during aerobic respiration, then our body starts anaerobic respiration which happened in muscles. Anaerobic respiration is essential for our body so that our body does exercises on a daily basis, it helps in burning fat at a faster rate to lose weight. It helps you to consume more energy which helps in making a strong immune system, fighting diseases, in faster recovery, etc. It protects you from cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure problems, etc.

Benefits of outdoor exercises for women

The major benefit of outdoor exercise is adopted by women. Women face a lot of problems during their growing age as it brings too many changes in every time period. At the time of puberty, the menstrual cycle begins that leading to too many hormonal, physical, and mental health changes, then pre-delivery phases, delivery, and post-delivery phase leads to weakness in bones and eyes, hair fall, teeth weakness, mood swings, weight gain, arthritis, high and low blood pressure, etc. these are common problems, which can be overcome by doing outdoor exercises.

Irregular periods

Due to unhealthy food eating habits, unhealthy lifestyles disturbed sleeping patterns, excessive usage of digital devices, etc. lead to irregular periods, depression, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and panic attack problems which can also be overcome by doing regular exercise.

Spending time in nature

Nature helps you to calm the mind, reduces mental stress, and increases decision-making power, you can handle difficult situations with a calm mind, fresh air inhalation occurs that keeps your lungs healthy, and drags you towards freshness, and use organic and healthy lifestyle.             

Spending time in nature helps you to breathe fresh due to which you can live longer than usual.

Benefits of Nature

Nature gives us almost everything that we need to live as poplar tree are used to make shelter and grows at a faster rate, oak, pine, walnut, etc. Trees are used to make furniture like beds, chairs, tables, etc. Tress provides fossil fuel, and also the source of earnings. They provide fresh air, the quantity of trees provides shelter to the homeless animals, and protect us from the direct UV-B exposure of sun rays which are harmful to the body and earth. Protects us from global warming.

Nature provides things

in limited amounts because of limited quantity, so think twice before the usage of resources and use them sparingly so that we can sustain them for the future generation too.

Nature provides fruits

flowers, fresh air, vegetables, fossil fuels, etc. so spend time with nature, and grow some trees, we can also make a small garden in our home in which we can grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. We can also use this commercially which is a huge earning source.

Climate change

Nature leads to climate change by growing trees because they generate strong winds that help in making electricity for the windmills. We can contribute to nature by using walk in walking distance instead of vehicles which leads to air pollution, noise pollution, etc.

Importance of oxygen

Nowadays oxygen is more important and people are cutting down trees for their personal benefit due to which amount of oxygen going down. In the covid pandemic days, oxygen cylinders had been sold out at high prices which is the worst situation ever. People who do outdoor exercises have the highest survival rate than others who do not. So, keep doing exercise and stay healthy, and also spend time with nature. Love nature and nature will love you back.

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