The Characteristics and Consequences of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

 The Characteristics and Consequences of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Each year, alcoholism ruins the lives of many addicts and their loved ones. It can lead to job loss, liver damage, and in severe cases, death. How does one know which disease they possess? Here is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.

Alcoholism is a dangerous road that no one wants to venture down. Fortunately, alcoholism has stages that you can recognize in order to stop your bad habits before it escalates into something more severe. These stages are abuse and dependence. Alcohol abuse is a bad habit that can be stopped while a physical or emotional dependence on alcohol can lead to alcoholism, which is far more difficult to recover from.

Characteristics of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is just one step before alcohol addiction. When people abuse alcohol, their behaviors are that of an excessive drinker. They enjoy going out to parties, and more than often they have too many drinks. Alcohol abusers can’t hold their liquor and might drink to excess.

They also will deny the fact that they have a problem and will continue to drink even though it might result in neglected responsibilities. People who conduct this type of behavior should seek help and support from Ambrosia addiction treatment centers.

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is characterized by drinking in hazardous conditions and drinking too much and too often. When people are intoxicated, they may feel they are capable of driving or maybe too careless to follow the law. However, law enforcement officers take drunk driving very seriously, and drinking behind the wheel could result in an impounded car, a suspended license, and even injury or death.

Characteristics of Alcohol Dependence

Continued alcohol abuse can lead to alcohol dependence, which is basically another word for alcoholism. If you find yourself addicted to alcohol, the world isn’t over.

You can always receive help and support from Ambrosia addiction treatment centers. Those who are dependent on alcohol are unable to quit drinking or control the amount that they drink. The first warning sign of alcohol dependence is tolerance. An alcoholic will require a larger amount of alcohol to experience the same buzz. If one does attempt to quit, one will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Consequences of Alcohol Dependence

Like alcohol abuse, dependence also has severe consequences. Long-term alcohol abuse will damage your liver and empty your pocket. Eventually, one will run out of money to pay for their expensive addiction and may resort to pawning their prized possessions or asking loved ones for money. Friends and family members will grow tired of paying for your addiction and shut you out.

When you look in the mirror and can no longer recognize yourself, it is time to make a change. A flask of the liquor doesn’t have to be your only friend. If you are no longer in contact with family or friends, it is because they do not support your unhealthy habits. If you wish to regain support from loved ones and become the person you want to be, then you know which steps you need to take.

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