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The hidden dangers of abdominal fat

There is no doubt, abdominal fat causes health problems for men and women. Women certainly do not have little round bellies and men always want to have a flat stomach with abs visible.

Yet this problem, which for most of us seems cosmetic, because of the problems of self-esteem, and discomfort in the skin, but most people do not know that keeping this type of fat is a health hazard. There are several dangers associated with this fat, but before going to see the two different types of fat found in the body.

Subcutaneous: This type of fat under the skin.

Visceral: This type of fat is found around the body and fled deep in the abdominal wall.

Visceral fat seems to cause more health problems, yet both types of fat are dangerous.

Here are the risks associated with individuals who are overweight.

Cardiovascular Diseases: These diseases are many deaths on the planet. People who have high body mass index, and large amounts of visceral fat are at risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and a limited life expectancy.

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Diabetes: Being overweight affects the level of glucose in the blood and can make us diabetics.

Cholesterol: You can have high cholesterol if you eat many foods that contain fat and trans fat in particular. People who have high cholesterol are a risk for cardiovascular disease.

Keeping this fat is not only harmful to appearance or self-esteem but can have serious consequences for long-term health. Good nutrition, physical activity, and avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle can help you lose belly fat quickly, prolong life and improve its quality.

Understanding the dangers of belly fat can give you more motivation to get rid of it.

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