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The Power of Gratitude: How to Cultivate a Grateful Mindset

Definition of gratitude: Gratitude or gratefulness is defined as the feeling of thanking others or feeling an appreciation for doing something great, or you have received something extraordinary from others or you give to others as well. 

The power of gratitude

Gratitude is linked with greater happiness that helps in feeling good, or positive emotions toward the people. It helps in taking good experiences, helps in making strong bonding with friends, family, or close ones. Sometimes people who are introverted in nature could not express their feeling, but they should because expressing themselves is the way to conduct emotions or to attract people towards you. You can share a good bond by expressing yourself or gratitude towards that person who does everything for you, it makes you feel good. Every organism feels or expresses gratitude in its own various ways.

We should also be thankful for the universe because we get energy sources from them to live our lives freely. For example, plants, if we release CO2 then then they release O2 in replacement of this. Giving appreciation to the power of the universe helps us to cultivate a grateful mindset also. Showing love to the animals as gratitude always reverts back by giving us dairy products as well.

People express their gratitude in various ways:

Here, we are discussing gratitude, but how can we express gratitude? So, we are talking about here some tips for expressing gratitude to our close ones how we feel being with them, and how much they matter to us, and these are as follows:

  1. Instead of simply saying thank you, you can say the full dialogue like you are great! you are the most humble person I know!!, etc. that is how by changing your vocabulary in some expressing way.
  2. Make handmade cards or some handmade items that look more creative and show more emotions towards the person to whom you are showing gratitude.
  3. Gift them their favorite items, or you can take them on a trip, you can order them some food, there are various ways to express yourself.
  4. Sharing your emotions, or gratitude on texts or calls is good, but making it public makes people feel more special, and important, these are some moments they will never forget in life.
  5. Tell them the good things that keep you happy, and highly encourage them to make them feel more special.
  6. Write a letter to your loved one whom you want to express gratitude.
  7. Always give love to your parents because they are the first teacher of your life, take them on lunch or dinner, try hard and try to find an earning source so that you can give them a better life which they tried hard to give you.
  8. Always show gratitude towards the power of the universe in which you believe like a god. Always thank them to give you everything.
  9. Become a good listener. Sometimes a person needs someone who can listen to them without interrupting which is also a good way to express your gratitude towards him/her.
  10. There are some people in our life to whom we should show gratitude like teacher, professors, peon, farmers, maid, rag picker, cook, etc. who plays an important part in our life.      

Tips to cultivate a grateful mindset:

Having a grateful mindset keeps you away from toxicity and negative people, you can encourage or influence others with your communication skills, and your behavior toward them. If you have a piece of knowledge about the topic on everybody is discussing, you can be a part of that group and can put your point of view, and can change others’ thoughts with your grateful mindset. So, here are some tips from which we can cultivate a grateful mindset, and these are as follows:


Always appreciate what you have in your life, always appreciate those people who bring happiness, and always support you in any situation. Always be grateful for the things that you have because not everyone got everything by birth, they had to ask their family until their earning point, and they are dependent on them. So, always show gratitude to your parents, teachers, etc.


Read religious books like Bhagwat Geeta, Bible, Ramcharitmanas, shiv puran, etc. that help in the growth of the mind, growth of your thoughts, change the way of thinking, attract you towards positivity, etc. You can also read novels, read journals on gratitude which also helps in enhancing your mind, and helps in cultivating a great mindset.    

Volunteer others

Always influence others with your speeches in school, colleges, or in a group if you are capable of doing some group activities and are good at speaking, etc.

Encourage or appreciate others

Always encourage others with your grateful mindset. If someone parents are not encouraging their child to follow their passion or studies, as they want them to do the same thing that they are doing right now, but their child have more capability then we can make them understand to let them follow their passion and this nature helps in cultivating the grateful mindset.


Always celebrate success, even the short thing happiness, which encourages people to do better next time.

Social media

Be an influencer, you can influence others with your positive thoughts through social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. There are so many apps, or if you are giving a speech on offline centers, you can go live and influence others.

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Stay connected with nature because if you love those who do selfless love to you helps in creating a grateful mindset. It will bring kindness, and forces you to think about others as well to make you understand other people as well.

Always stay away from the negative people who pull you back towards the negative thoughts, always discourage you, do not listen to others who discourage you at every step of your success, just put your leg up and step ahead in the way.  

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