Tips For A Long Flight – With A Child!

 Tips For A Long Flight – With A Child!

Flying isn’t always a pleasant experience for many of us due to tiny plane seats and crowded waiting areas, and the irritation grows when you add a child to the mix. Children may dislike sitting quietly for hours and be terrified of the ear-popping variations in air pressure.

10 Important Tips To Survive A Long Flight

However, with good preparation and planning, you can enjoy a worry-free journey. To make your journey easier, we’ve included a few recommendations for a lengthy flight with a youngster.

Here are some travel ideas to help you and your children survive long flights.

1. Involve your child in travel preparation

To pique your children’s attention, make your flight an adventure and get them involved and excited. Plan interesting activities for your children to do on the flight and have them pack accordingly.

Allow your children to help with the travel planning since it gives them ownership and gets them interested in the process.

2. Let your child choose the seats

Many airlines allow you to select your seat as you board, and your children can select a seat that thrills them or is comfortable for them. However, keep your seat next to your child’s seat so that if your youngster screams, you can assist them.

3. Take care of your child during takeoffs and landing

To avoid ear pain, have your youngster engage in another activity such as suckling, drinking, or chewing something during takeoffs and landings. Depending on your child’s age, you can offer them a bottle of water or a lollipop to help them release stress.

4. Don’t board early to avoid waiting time

When it is difficult to keep your children interested on long flights, avoid boarding too early because you may have to wait for up to 30 minutes near the end of boarding.

5. Carry some snacks

Snacks are popular among children and can keep them entertained. However, you can never have too many snacks, so stock up on snacks for children and toddlers.

6. Reward your child

You can reward your child for good behavior, but this isn’t always effective with toddlers. And for children, simply bring some food and new toys to surprise them on the flight.

7. Buy new toys and books for children

Children enjoy entertaining items such as little toys, games, stickers, novels, and so on, and you can select some of these to surprise your child on the flight. You can even pack your child’s favorite toys and travel backpack with all of the new items. Such activities and toys that your child has not seen before or in a long time is ideal for keeping them entertained during the travel.

8. Let children increase their screen time

Allow your youngsters to flout the screen time regulations and watch video displays or tablets on a long journey. Instead, download some movies they enjoy and have them bring their headphones. Make sure, however, that your electronics are properly charged.

9. Bring simple and dynamic toys for children

Simple toys, such as a pipe cleaners, may provide at least an hour of entertainment, including the creation of sculptures, inventions, and jewelry. Children on long trips, on the other hand, enjoy playing with toddlers. Bring items that your child enjoys and that will keep them occupied and creative in their seat.

10. Let your children fall asleep on the flight

While you can’t expect children to sleep on a plane, it’s amazing if they do. However, don’t embark on a long flight unprepared because you assumed they’d be sleeping most of the time. Make arrangements for what you will do if they remain awake the entire time.


A flexible mindset is the most crucial thing to have with you on a lengthy flight, in addition to these pieces of advice. Surviving a lengthy journey with children is difficult, but as long as you can stay calm and respond to their ever-changing requirements, everything will be OK.

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