Top 5 Ingredients to Look Out for While Choosing Skincare Products

 Top 5 Ingredients to Look Out for While Choosing Skincare Products

It has always been the dream of every individual to have beautiful and young skin. However, before you purchase any skincare product to chase your dream, it is very important to know the ingredients in the product. There are many natural home remedies for your skin, but it is better to choose those skin care products, which contain ingredients proven to be best for your skin.

There is a different variety of ingredients that you should look into to purchase a quality skin product. It is worth buying a skin product when you know the ingredients and the percentage present in the product. Here are some important ingredients that you should look for before purchasing a skin product.

Hyaluronic Acid

This a substance found in the human body, which occurs naturally and helps in cell regeneration, to maintain skin moisture, and softness, and lubricates the connective tissues. This helps to create moisture on the skin and makes skin soft and smoother. This ingredient holds weight in water and so avoids skin from dehydrating.

This acid works as a plumper, which helps in filling lines and wrinkles. Since hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our body, it is safer and would be less rejected by our body as a foreign substance. This molecule is bigger in size and so cannot fully penetrate into the skin to fill the wrinkles when applied externally.


This is one of the main ingredients to look out for, which is in the form of Vitamin A molecule. Retinol is a powerful substance that removes dead and unwanted layers and to make skin look healthier and younger. They also help to increase hyaluronic acid, making skin smooth and shiny.

The usage of retinol can improve skin firmness, and repair damaged skin caused by the environment and sun. It helps in treating acne, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, and also reduces hyperpigmentation. Retinols are no wonder a miracle for skin care.


These are molecules that are found in high volume within the cell membrane. Ceramide is found in the top layer of the skin, which holds cells together and forms a protective layer to help the skin to retain moisture. In skincare products, ceramide is used to refill the natural lipids, which are lost due to environmental pollution, due to aging process, and the usage of dry products. They retain moisture in the skin and protect the skin from foreign elements. They are mostly used to treat eczema.

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Peptides are active protein segments, which correspond with cells. Peptides present in the skin help in the production of elastin. Elastin is a substance, which helps skin to heal itself. Peptides are mostly used in anti-aging products since it enters skin cells and instructs them to produce collagen, give signals to muscles to relax, and alleviate redness. This helps in the reduction of wrinkles.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid

These are organic acids that act as exfoliants. Alpha hydroxyl acid has been derived from milk and fruit, which includes lactic acid, glycolic acid, and malic acid. Beta hydroxyl acid is derived from plants and includes salicylic acid.

AHAs work with BHA and penetrate into the skin, helping in healing and removing dead skin and blocking the pores. This is mainly used for fighting acne and is ideal for oily skin with black and white heads.

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