Walk and Save!

 Walk and Save!

One of the hallmarks of becoming a full-fledged adult is realizing the myriad benefits of having a well-stocked savings account. One setback like job loss or an injury can cause financial ruin to those who aren’t prepared. Plus as life goes on there will be some jobs that just can’t be tackled anymore—meaning what was once a simple maintenance chore you could handle yourself now requires a pro to be called in.

Any who has called a plumber on a weekend knows such pain. In addition to not getting any younger, many things aren’t going to get easier either. Not to be doom and gloom but extra money in the bank can help provide for unexpected troubles down the road.

The thing is, saving money can be done in a variety of ways, and often with very little pain. When setting up a budget and deciding where to cut costs it is very common for people to think it’s an all-or-nothing equation, like all good things must end. Not so. Actually great joy can be derived from taking true control over one’s financial destiny. And finding ways to save can very easily go from pure struggle to the highest form of entertainment with just the slightest adjustment in approach.

Look at walking. After the purchase of good shoes and socks, it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. Yet walking is a terrific low-impact form of exercise that offers quite a few perks.

It’s true the weather and circumstances may not always permit, but any who get into the habit of walking instead of using motorized transport for short trips can really see the savings add up over time. In addition to lower petrol costs and fewer taxi and rail fees, switching little trips to the foot will help save great wear and tear on one’s car.

Don’t forget property values. Two of the more recent points of note affecting home prices are proximity to decent schooling and yes, walkability. The focus on being able to walk and cycle to shops is a newer selling feature, so if in the market to eventually move and make a profit be sure to take an interest in your neighborhood’s infrastructure for walkers.

Get out and walk to key points of interest to see if any walkways need to be installed or improved. Go so far as to get in on legislation if need be because the extra effort should ultimately improve the sale price of your own home.

Better Health, More Money

Humans are living longer than ever before. Yet the quality of life is one of the biggest keys to whether advanced age will be enjoyable or not. The good news is that many employers and businesses want you to be healthy—so much so that they’re willing to offer financial incentives.

For instance, in the US one’s weight and general health can affect insurance costs as well as employees’ hiring practices. This may not seem ethical but prospective employers feel healthier-looking applicants will most likely be more productive and less prone to illness.

They’ll never come out and say such things affect their choices but facts are facts. Walking can help lower blood pressure, reduce weight, tone the body and so much more. Actual physical improvements won’t be seen as quickly and drastically as in running but the stresses on the body are also much less.

Worry-Free Walking

Stress can help bring many illnesses into being. Being constantly “on” can quickly take its toll on both a physical and emotional level. Walking is a very simple and effective way to put troubles aside, if only briefly. Instead of using the walk to take a phone call or listen to the news, try concentrating on just breathing and putting one foot in front of the other.

If looked at clearly, the ability to move oneself from Point A to Point B should quickly be seen as the great gift it is. Whilst getting fit and saving money, let walking becomes a conscious decision to let go of worries for that brief time. Walking feels good, is good for you, and can ultimately make your bank account look a little brighter. So get on out there!

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