Weight Loss Supplements For Women

 Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Weight Loss Supplements For Women: There aren’t many weight loss supplements that are going to help you lose weight and not a single one of them is going to work miracles. If you’re following a proper diet and a solid exercise routine then they can help you to reach your goals faster, however.

I’m going to assume you’re already following a proper diet for weight loss as I explain these supplements to you. If not, that’s ok because at the end of this article I’m going to point you to a resource that will help you to burn fat faster than you ever have by getting your diet in order. No tricks, gimmicks, or fad dieters allowed. If you’re looking for tricks you might as well stop reading now because that’s not what looking and feeling your best is all about.

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Green Tea Extract

If I could only choose one supplement to help me to lose weight I’d pick green tea extract. Multiple clinical trials have proven that the extracts of green tea improve weight loss results when compared to a placebo.

Green tea is about as close as it gets to a wonder drug. It’s an all-natural thermogenic that helps to burn fat while increasing your good cholesterol. Any time you increase your good cholesterol you get a corresponding drop in your bad cholesterol as a bonus.

It’s also my favorite thermogenic because it’s inexpensive. If you want you can go buy an expensive designer name brand with a massive marketing campaign behind it. But then you’re not paying for green tea extract and results. The price of the marketing is factored into the product and you end up paying three to four times the going rate.

Stick to basic green tea extract from stores that sell no-frills brands. My favorite store to buy supplements is Vitamin Shoppe. You can buy from them either online or go to a store if you have one nearby. They have their own line of no-frills green tea extracts that work just as well as the expensive brand names.

Calcium Supplements

Can calcium supplements really help you to lose weight or is this pseudo-science?

I’m really leaning toward pseudo-science especially when you consider how many of the calcium weight loss supplement studies are funded by some branch of the dairy industry. Of course, they want you to believe that their products will help you shed pounds!

Nearly every study about calcium for weight loss combines eating a low calories diet with 3 servings of low-fat dairy a day. The control group had no dairy but maintained a low-calorie and low-fat diet.

Did the control group lose less weight because they didn’t eat dairy or was it something else? Consider this; the group that ate 3 servings of dairy a day got more protein in their diet because of the casein protein in milk. And I know for a fact that a diet that’s higher in protein will help you lose weight faster than a low-calorie, low-fat, or both combined diet.

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