What is peculiar about Peaches and Plums?

 What is peculiar about Peaches and Plums?

Most of us underestimate the healing power of the peach and plum. Who knew that these two could also keep the doctor away? These fruits have low-calorie content and are packed with fibre and antioxidants, not to forget Vitamins as well. The phenolic compounds present in these two fruits have also been reported to kill malignant cells in the breast. The results are indeed astonishing. The phenolic extracts possess the power to reduce these cancer cells and kill the malignancy without harming the normal cells of the body.

Health Benefits of Eating Peaches and Plums

The peaches and plums have been reported by researchers to have very high phenolic content which was primarily the reason why they were chosen for the research.

May prevent certain types of cancer

The Chlorogenic phenols in these fruits are effective in killing cancerous cells in the breast and don`t cause any harm to other body cells. When these fruity phenols were tried on aggressive cancer cells, the same effect was found to be true. The healthy cells remained while the cancerous cells died out. This news is a blessing for those suffering from breast cancer. Even though they may require chemotherapy, eating plums and peaches will help reduce the tumour.

Researchers believe that before such patients start being treated with such fruity phenols more research is required that is too in-depth. This exploration line seems pretty interesting and botanists hope that someday they will be able to produce even higher content of those cancer-killing phenols.

May combat obesity and diabetes

Many also believe that peaches and plums can combat obesity. Such drupes have also been found to be helpful in reducing the chances of cholesterol abnormalities. With diseases like diabetes affecting thousands every year, such a finding has brought great value.

May improve menstrual cycles

Peaches and plums are known to be rich sources of Vitamin C. They are known for regulating menstrual cycles and maintaining fertility in women.

May aid digestion

The high content of sorbitol ensures that the digestive system works properly without any complaints of constipation.

May improve eyesight

Fresh plums contain beta-carotene, which improves one`s eyesight considerably. The vitamin A presence helps maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants

Plums also contain iron and flavonoids which act against diseases at the onset. Peaches and plums are rich in copper content. Prunes have a reputation in being a rich source of minerals. Potassium content in the two helps maintain fluid balance and ensures that your cardiac muscles function normally. With B vitamins one can rest assured that their nervous system shall be supported throughout their life.

With peaches and plums adding so many health benefits, one can only wonder why we fail to include them in our diet often. For those suffering from cancer, it is advisable to have 2 peaches in a day. Plums lose out on their vitamin C content when dried so eat them whole to relish their full benefits. At the end of the day, for a good vision, obesity free life, one can count on these two fruits. Plums and peaches have given us hope to finally find the cure for malignancy in women.

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