Why am I tired all the time?

 Why am I tired all the time?

Why am I tired all the time: Nowadays, when everyone’s life is busy and exhausting likewise, getting tired is very common among people. It is very obvious to feel tired after working for some time among teenagers and adults. There are various reasons for tiredness, such as sleepless nights, workload, or a toddler that keeps you up at night. Being tired is fine if it is for a short period, but if it exceeds for an extended period, it is not good. An exhausted body can lead to various problems and become a barrier to enjoying life. It can also lead to a harmful impact on the ability of the person to work and process, which can lead to depression and stress. A prevalent saying about stress is TATT- Tired All The Time. Even if you get tired quickly and need to do more work, it is an emerging problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Why Might You Be Tired All The Time?

People often get amazed about their capacity to do work, so before talking about getting tired, we should measure how much we work in the first place. There is some situation that causes depression in a person, which leads to tiring issue in a person’s life, such as family issues, relationship issues, work issues, etc.

However, it would help if you are considerate about the lifestyle you’re living in because it can also be a prime reason for getting tired.

There are three leading causes for getting tired in a person’s life. If you learn to manage these main reasons, it can eventually lead to a peaceful and less stressed life:

1. Lifestyle causes

In people’s busy lifestyles, everyone is always considerate about being a workaholic. Due to a lot of pressure and work, people often consume excessive coffee, tea, or alcohol. These things do help in paying focus on something, but overuse can lead to various problems. Working for a long time often leads to skipping meals, and people opt for short and fatty meals such as chips, chocolates, junk food, etc. the leading causes of tiredness due to an imbalanced lifestyle are as follows:

Caffeine is considered the most important while working for a long time, and besides knowing the harmful impacts of caffeine on health, people prefer to consume it. Excessive consumption can lead to problems such as less sleep, insomnia, etc.

  • Daytime naps: People often get tired due to excessive workload, and daytime nap works as a miracle at that time. But it is not appropriate. Sleeping during the day can lead to no sleep at night, automatically leading to a tiring schedule.
  • Exercise: Exercise is beneficial for our physical and mental health, but excessive exercise can cause a problem, and you may feel tired.
  • Night shifts: People who work at night get tired due to lack of sleep. It becomes challenging for them to wake up in the morning and start working, eventually leading to excessive tiredness.
  • Alcohol: Consuming excessive alcohol can lead to various severe problems. People often face stress and lack of sleep, and it even affects a person’s body in multiple ways.

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2. Psychological causes

Psychological causes are the most common reason for tiredness among people. It can even cause issues with sleep and lead to insomnia. There are various physiological causes which are as follows:

  • Emotional shock: Emotional feelings and issues can cause tiredness. There are various reasons a person feels emotional breakdown, such as relationship issues, abundance, etc.
  • Stress: The problems of daily life, such as workload, family problems, failure, etc., can cause trauma to the mental health of a person and, due to stress, often lead to tiredness.
  • Anxiety: Some people have various concerns that affect a person’s life. Sometimes we feel irritated or worried. These can be signs of anxiety in a person. If you always feel tired, it can be a sign of anxiety

3. Physical causes

Everything can be accomplished if you have better health, and having wrong physical fitness leads to various problems such as sleep apnoea, iron deficiency anaemia, underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), etc. Excessive tiredness can even affect the mental and emotional health of a person. Fatigue can also affect a person’s body weight, resulting in overwork than usual due to less support of the body. If someone meets tiredness for some time, one should immediately consult the doctor so that they can identify the exact cause of the problem.

Ways to feel sleepy and not sleepy?

Sleep plays the most critical role in relaxing the nerves of a person. After an utterly tiring day, sleep is the only thing that can provide some relaxation. There are plenty of ways through which you can feel sleepy, as follows:

  1. Lower the temperature
  2. Get on a schedule
  3. Watch what and when you eat
  4. Use the 4-8 breathing method
  5. Avoid looking at your clock
  6. Eat a healthy snack to boost your energy
  7. Give a break to your eyes to overcome fatigue
  8. Avoid caffeine and sugar before sleep


In the modern and busy world, people are fighting with their mental, physical and emotional health, eventually leading to various health issues. While working over ourselves, we forget about the peace and often get tired. Feeling tired can be the reason for various internal problems such as depression, stress, insomnia, etc. we all face daily issues that directly affect our tired level. Most people face serious problems, and various things always run into their minds. But with an appropriate diet and sleep, we can manage our tiredness. While if it becomes worse, then you should contact a specialist for better treatment.  


  1. Why am I getting tired so quickly?

There are various reasons for getting tired quickly. While some cases, tiredness can seen due to excessive stress, lack of sleep, poor dies, excessive use of caffeine, and poor lifestyle. These are the main reasons for getting tired quickly.

  1. Which food helps in controlling tiredness?

Some food can help you during the time of tiredness, such as – unprocessed food, fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, non – caffeinated beverages, lean proteins, whole grain and complex carbs, nuts and seeds, water, vitamin and supplements, bananas, oats, chia seeds, etc.

  1. What are the four types of human energy?

There are four main types of energy: Physical energy, which defines how healthy you are; and spiritual power, which explains how you respond to all situations. Emotional energy describes how happy you’re, and mental energy determines how much focus you pay on such situations.

  1. Does water provide you with energy?

Water provides energy to a person as it helps fight dehydration and eliminates the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue.

  1. What is it called when you get tired quickly?

When you get tired quickly, it is called chronic fatigue syndrome.

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