World Hepatitis Day – How and Why It is Initiated

 World Hepatitis Day – How and Why It is Initiated

World hepatitis day: People face hepatitis problems regularly, and due to the lack of facilities, they do not get enough casualties for themselves and their families. In slum areas, people are not rich enough and can visit a doctor for hepatitis; however, WHO organizes seminars where people can get proper medication from affiliated doctors.

How and Why World Hepatitis Day Started?

World hepatitis day is on July, 28. It is a global event held every year all over the world. The idea of world hepatitis day was initiated by the WHO (World Health Organization). This organization has been working on many projects to save people’s lives at a greater level. World hepatitis day is celebrated to encourage people and motivate them to step up against hepatitis at a greater level. It also encourages people to contribute on a greater level to the success of this occasion. Hepatitis is considered one of the oldest diseases; however, some places in various countries still have appropriate healthcare facilities.

Why is world hepatitis day celebrated?

World hepatitis day is celebrated on the birthday of Noble prize-winning scientist Dr Baruch Blumberg. He helped to discover the type of hepatitis; however, it is celebrated on his birthday. He contributed to developing the medicine and vaccine for the hepatitis B virus (HBV ). He was a great and known name in the history of scientific research. World hepatitis day helps encourage people at a greater level, which will benefit more and more people from this occasion.

The Theme Of World Hepatitis Day 2022

The theme of world hepatitis day 2022 was ‘ bringing hepatitis came closer to you “. The main aim of world hepatitis day is to motivate and encourage them to contribute to world hepatitis day. It helps to raise awareness against hepatitis and provides enough medical facilities for the treatment of hepatitis. It is still a concerning disease, as thousands of people die yearly. Various organizations are working worldwide, and even the government is taking the initiative to save the world from this disease.


Why is world hepatitis day important?

World hepatitis day is essential because it helps people to get enough information about hepatitis. However, it is a chronic disease that must focus on at the global level.

What was the theme of world hepatitis day 2022?

The theme of world hepatitis day is “bringing hepatitis care closer to you”.

When is world hepatitis day celebrated?

World hepatitis day date is 28 July every year.

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