World Kidney Day – Date, History, Objective and Theme

 World Kidney Day – Date, History, Objective and Theme

The purpose of World Kidney Day is to increase public awareness of the significance of our kidneys. It’s World Kidney Day on March 11. Since 2006, it has been observed as a day to emphasize that kidney illness is widespread, dangerous, and curable. Additionally, it’s a day to remember that people with diabetes have a higher-than-average chance of developing chronic kidney disease and failure.

Every year, World Kidney Day is observed on 11th March. Hundreds of activities are happening worldwide, from public screenings in Argentina to Zumba marathons in Malaysia. The world makes every effort to-

  • Raise awareness
  • Understanding risk factors
  • Awareness of preventive measures
  • Awareness of living with kidney disease

The world takes this action to promote Kidney health for all people. The goals of World Kidney Day are to increase public awareness of the value of healthy kidneys and to lessen the prevalence and effects of kidney disease and related health issues around the world.

The Objectives of World Kidney Day

The purpose of World Kidney Day is to increase public awareness of our “wonderful kidneys.” Stress the importance of diabetes and high blood pressure as significant causes of chronic kidney disease.

  • Encourage all patients with diabetes and high blood pressure to undergo regular screenings for chronic kidney disease.
  • Promote protective habits.
  • Inform all medical experts of their critical role in chronic kidney disease detection and risk reduction, especially in high-risk patients.
  • To control the chronic kidney disease epidemic, emphasize the critical role that national and local health authorities play. All countries are urged to act and spend money on additional kidney screening on World Kidney Day.
  • Encourage organ donation as a lifesaving practice and transplantation as the most effective kidney failure treatment.

    World Kidney Day’s History 

    Since its inception in 2006, World Kidney Day has continued to grow. The campaign emphasizes a different topic each year.


    Moto / Theme


    Are your kidneys OK?


    CKD: Common, harmful, and treatable


    Your amazing kidneys!


    Protect your Kidneys: Keep your pressure down


    Protect your Kidneys: Control diabetes


    Protect your Kidneys: Save your heart


    Donate – Kidneys for Life – Receive


    Kidneys for Life – Stop Kidney Attack!


    Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and aging


    Kidney Health for All


    Kidney Disease & Children – Act Early to Prevent It!


    Kidney Disease & Obesity – Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys


    Kidneys & Women’s Health. Include, Value, Empower


    Kidney Health for Everyone, Everywhere


    Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere – from Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Care


    Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere – Living Well with Kidney Disease


    Kidney Health for All – Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care


    Kidney Health for All – Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable


How do I help WKD?

  • You can start by sharing or retweeting our posts on social media if you want to support World Kidney Day. It is a quick and easy approach to increasing awareness among your network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are our platforms.
  • You can plan an activity to spread awareness if you want to become more devoted. We strongly advise reading our in-depth guide on how to help World Kidney Day if you want to learn more.
  • Finally, consider competing in World Kidney Day. The Champions are devoted people who support the initiative to increase awareness of renal illness worldwide. They are also members of kidney foundations, nephrology societies, and patients’ associations.

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